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5+ stars for Ginger by P.L. Parker #bookreview #postapocalypticromance #postapocalyptic #bookrec #ku

Title: Ginger

Author: P.L. Parker

Genre: Post apocalyptic romance


Book Blurb:


Genetically enhanced like her half-sisters, Ginger is the teacher, the nurturer, and when the aliens attack the convoy, she does the only thing she can—she runs into the vast wilderness, attempting to draw the drones away from all those she loves. Lost and alone, and without the basic resources to survive, she nonetheless keeps heading north, hoping to find the refuge in Montana.Levi, the most skilled tracker in the Native American camp, sets out to find her, before it’s too late.


My Review:


Ginger is all alone in the wilderness and the only man to find her is Levi. Can he track her and bring her back to sisters and the convoy before time runs out? Ginger is a post apocalyptic romantic adventure I couldn’t put down. The setting and world-building takes the reader into the future with a survivalist vibe. The narration is immersive with deep POV. The characters, though, are what make Ginger an unputdownable read.


Let’s start with the characters. Ginger is one of my favourite characters in this series. She’s the teacher, the nurturer, and even with her enhanced senses, she doesn’t think she’s special. She’s on the run, lost, and doesn’t know how to get back to her sisters. She’s a survivor, though, and keeps moving. Her fierce love of her family and her drive to survive really spoke to me. Her emotions are so real, it’s like living it through Ginger.


Levi is a quiet warrior who’s in love with Ginger. He cares deeply about her and will do what it takes to find her and protect her. His quietness really appeals to me. He doesn’t shout his love but proves it through his actions. A wonderful hero and leading man, Levi will melt your heart.


The world-building is spectacular. It’s difficult to write a world that is both familiar and fantastical. This is what P.L. Parker excels at. Her gift for building her world through words is on display here. If you want to get lost in a post apocalyptic world, you’ll dive into this book with ease.


The narration and POV make this such an engrossing read. The emotions of the characters and/or situations grab a hold of the reader and don’t let go.


If you’re a science fiction/post apocalyptic romance reader, you’ll love Ginger. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


P.L. Parker was born and raised in Idaho where she lives with her three sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She is an amateur Squatcher and can be found at times in the wilds of Idaho with her oldest son looking for the elusive creature.


Ms. Parker writes stories with alpha males and strong, determined women. Science fiction and time travel are her genres of choice but she has tried her hands at paranormal. Besides her stand-alone novels, she has three series: The Chimeras and The Star Brides, science fiction romances, and Time Warriors, time travel romances.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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