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5+ stars for Glass Arrows (DCI Geldard, Book 2) by Heather Peck #audiobookreview #crimethriller #mystery #bookreview #mustlisten #booksworthreading

Title: Glass Arrows (DCI Geldard, Book 2)

Author: Heather Peck

Narrator: Scott Fleming

Genre: Crime thriller


Book Blurb:




Shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards prize for fiction 2021


A body is found during a bird-flu turkey cull. DCI Greg Geldard, newly promoted and newly transferred to Norfolk, is about to face the most challenging case of his career.


His investigation starts with one body found amongst dead turkeys but goes on to expose a range of crimes hiding in plain sight, from modern slavery to wildlife smuggling. The body count rises, a friend is threatened, and justice seems a long way off.


My Review:


Story Impressions –


They say the perfect crime is to hide a body in plain sight, but can DCI Greg Geldard solve this case? It’ll test all his skills and fortitude yet can justice prevail. This crime thriller kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was listening. With themes ripped from today’s headlines such as bird flu, modern slavery, and animal smuggling. I couldn’t turn away. The audiobook is narrated poignantly so the characters and the crimes take centre stage. This series just keeps getting better and better.


Narrator’s overall voice –

Scott Fleming narrates the mystery with emotion and tension. His voice is engaging yet doesn’t undermine from the overall story.

Does the narrator fit the characters?

Yes, the narrator uses his voice like an instrument, differing it to fit the characters.

Narrator’s reading style –

There’s an broadmindedness to Scott Fleming’s style which makes listening to him a pleasure.

Narrator’s impact on reading experience –

Scott Fleming brings the characters to life. Readers can enjoy listening to him and ponder this whodunit.

Narrator’s pacing –

The pacing is constant and doesn’t diminish the reader’s attention.

Audiobook flow –

The audiobook flows well.

What makes this audiobook unique –

What I found so unique about this audiobook was the way the narrator expresses emotion and tension throughout the crime thriller.

Would I recommend this audiobook –

Yes, I would recommend it to any reader/listener. You’ll be entertained for hours.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Award-winning author Heather Peck has spent most of her working life in agriculture, both as a civil servant and as a hands-on farmer. This resulted in a wide variety of experiences, from managing the UK emergency response to the Chernobyl accident to breeding both sheep and alpacas commercially. She has been involved in international negotiations, pesticide legislation, food quality and animal welfare. After leaving government service she chaired an NHS Trust, then volunteered in Citizens Advice and the Witness Service before Covid changed everything and she combined her NHS and agricultural background by training as a Covid vaccinator. She lives in Norfolk with her partner Gary, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hens and a rabbit. Heather’s books include a crime series for adults and animal-focussed books for children.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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