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Glimpse, The Tender Killer by @StephenBKing1 is a Mystery and Suspense Festival pick #thriller

Title: Glimpse, The Tender Killer (Book 3, Deadly Glimpses Series)

Author: Stephen B King

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Suspense/Police Procedural

Book Blurb:

Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes is now a detective paired with Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy. Together they hunt The Biblical Killer, so named for the quotes left on walls written in the victim’s blood. To lure the murderer out they join the Tender Nights internet dating site, openly making themselves targets. Rick and Pat have fought their desire for each other for months. Can they now survive their lust and an insane murderer intent on vengeance?


Rick moved to turn the television off, but Pat stopped him with a hand on his arm. Three minutes passed, by the time display, when Byron walked into the room, flung his robe on the bed, and disappeared into the en-suite bathroom. He left the door open and they watched him shower until the steam clouded the glass screen. Four minutes later, still naked, he approached the wardrobe, opened the door, and the recording stopped.

“What did you think of that performance, Rick, I’m interested to know?”

There was something in her voice which he couldn’t put his finger on, but he thought there could be two reasons for her asking. Firstly, and most obviously, she meant about the case and how it related to what she said earlier about victimology. He had a suspicion the second reason was more of a judgement about him as a man and had more to do with the simmering attraction between them. They just watched a pornographic video together, something he hadn’t done with Juliet; she would be against doing something like that. His radar jangled that he could disappoint Pat easily if he got the answer wrong. He took a deep breath.

“Cold, unemotional, it was about sex, not affection. He used her then discarded her, so the word LIAR carven into his chest could well be from someone like her, a woman who believed he lied to seduce her, and then dumped her.”

“Bravo,” she clapped her latex covered hands. “Safe to assume, I believe, this was a one-night stand, and extrapolating farther then, we can take it the other tapes of women are too. What does that tell us about Byron Banks? I think he is a sex addict, for him it’s all about the conquest, picking up a woman, using her, recording the event so he can relive it over, and over again until he gets bored, then he gets a new one.”

“A sex addict?” He tried to keep the disbelief from his voice, but the sharp shake of her head told him he had failed.

“Rick, I know you men like to think you are all God’s gift to women, and you are all highly sexed and can go all night, but the reality is far from that. There is a term for a woman who is an addict, we call her a nymphomaniac, which is often linked with bi-polar disorder. Interestingly, there is no term for the male to have the same affliction. But men can be addicted to sex, why? Because the male orgasm is pleasurable, and anything pleasurable can be addictive under the right set of circumstances. In Scandinavia, Europe, and other more enlightened places we are seeing clinics open to treat sex addiction, just like there are for gambling, drug and alcohol abuse.”

“Okay, I guess you’re right, but by the same token, our victim is in his forties, a successful accountant who has been divorced three years, why can’t he just be a normal guy who just like to get his rocks off without making a commitment to a woman? And, why is that even relevant to catching his murderer?”

“One of the things I learnt when I interned with the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, is in profiling, sometimes understanding the victim helps understand the killer, therefore if we can do that, it will make it easier to catch him, or her. I will tell you one thing, in my opinion, if we don’t find this murderer soon, he will do it again. I have a sneaking suspicion about this, which I’m not ready to go into yet, but I think while this victim was male, the next one could just as easy be a woman. Our Killer is on a mission to rid the world of liars, and let’s face it, there are loads of them out there.”

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

The Glimpse series provides three thrilling hunts for serial killers, while exploring the desire between Rick, the police detective, and Patricia Holmes, the married glamorous criminal psychologist brought in as a consultant to work with him. In each story, the reader is also given a glimpse into the tortured mind of the murderer.

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Author Biography:

I have eleven books published, with Winter at the Light being number twelve. I won several short story competitions, published poetry and wrote music and lyrics in my long-haired rock band days as a guitarist, so I have been telling stories most of my, what seems like, very long life.

Winter at the Light is my latest release with my wonderful publisher, The Wild Rose Press of NY. For my first book, Forever Night I was contracted to a UK publisher who shall remain. Before publication that publisher was bought out and the new owners (one of the big four) cancelled the line I was contracted to, which left me in publishing wilderness for a while.

I self-published my next four books until two years later, I signed with The Wild Rose Press to publish Thirty-Three Days. I followed up that with the Deadly Glimpses Trilogy and soon the trilogy will comprise five books – who knew you could do that? I wrote Winter at the Light, while simultaneously completing the fourth Glimpse book, titled Glimpse, the Angel Shot. Two more different tales you could never read.

Social Media Links:

twitter: @stephenBKing1

Facebook: @stephenbkingauthor

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
14 août 2020

Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your book in our Mystery and Suspense Book Festival. The whole series is gripping and a must-read!

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