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Trailer Reveal | God’s Labyrinth of Good and Evil: Encountering the Self by @MariaLiviero1 #selfhelp

Title - God’s Labyrinth of Good and Evil: Encountering the Self

Author – Maria Liviero

Genre – Self help

Artist or Company who made the book trailer – xpressVideos

Book Blurb –

To be whole is to know good and bad within yourself.

This book explores the sense of self and unhealthy behaviours and thinking patterns through the symbolic themes and characters of Genesis 1–3. The underlying message of understanding ourselves is given by a character called Eve, who enters into a parallel universe between Genesis and present day only to discover the dark side of human nature that stems from God in favour of transcending the false ego. A self-help book for those interested in investigating the depths of the self that will take you on a journey of encountering good and evil within us, a journey first introduced in the creation story of Genesis.

Watch the book trailer –

Author Biography –

I am a psychotherapist by training with a MSc in addictive behaviour, and Dip in psychotherapy. Having started my doctorate at the University of Aberdeen I decided it was not for me and left to write this book that had been in the planning for five years. In my experience, the dark side of human nature is equally or even greater importance - without being conscious of our shadow we continue to live in discord with ourselves and others.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
26. 8. 2022

Thank you, Maria, for sharing your book trailer with us!

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