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Trailer Reveal | Grimdarke by AK Nevermore #darkparanormal #MCparanormal #trailer #video #newrelease

Title Grimdarke


Author AK Nevermore


Genre: Dark Paranormal Erotica


Publisher: Changeling Press


Artist or Company who made the book trailer: Lori Walker


Book Blurb:


Out of options and on the run after her psychotic father’s released from jail, Kit Parson heads to the only place she might be safe from him, the Maw of Mayhem MC. The unexpected move buys her time, but also a puts her at risk— Surrounded by shifters, her inner cat begs to be released, and after witnessing a brutal attack on her mother as a child, she refuses to let the monster out.


Totally doable, provided no bodily fluids are ever exchanged.


That means hooking up with the MC’s hot as hell VP, Grimdarke James, is off the table. Mourning the recent murder of the club’s alpha and struggling to control his inner cat, the tattooed Viking god is on thin ice. If he goes feral again, he’ll be put down. Which makes his cat’s insistence that Kit belongs to him problematic, upsetting the delicate balance of the MCs internal politics, and the woman blackmailing Grim.


But when Kit’s father catches up with her, Grim has no choice but to trust his cat, and Kit can’t deny their chemistry. Can they hold on to each other when everything is try to tear them apart? After a gruesome triple murder propels them deeper into the paranormal world, they find themselves with unlikely allies, and against mounting odds threatening to destroy everything they hold dear…


Watch the trailer:

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Author Biography:


AK Nevermore enjoys operating heavy machinery, freebases coffee, and gives up sarcasm for Lent every year.


A Jane-of-all-trades, she’s a certified chef, restores antiques, and dabbles in beekeeping when she’s not reading voraciously or running down the dream in her beat-up camo Chucks.


Unable to ignore the voices in her head, and unwilling to become medicated, she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy full time.


AK pays the bills writing a copious amount of copy, along with a column on SFF. She belongs to the Authors Guild, is an RWA chapter board member, volunteers for far too many committees, teaches creative writing, and on the rare occasion, sleeps.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 26

Thank you, AK, for sharing your book trailer with us!

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