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5 stars for Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening by @JulieCoons1 #paranormal #thriller #bookreview

Title: Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening

Author: Julie Coons

Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Occult Unexplained Mysteries

Book Blurb:

For two decades, the spirits left her alone. This is the true story of when they return with something chilling to prove.

Julie Coons’s troubling near-death event altered her life forever. After twenty years, she thought she’d escaped the ghosts that clung to her after her out-of-body incident. But when she moves to a new home, she’s horrified to discover the angry entities are back… with a vengeance.

As the phantasms become more and more aggressive, Julie hires a paranormal investigative team to help find a solution. But when the professionals intervene, she discovers the demons haunting her are very personal indeed.

Can Julie unearth the darkness in her past to finally free herself from the terrifying torment?

Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening is a frightening real-life supernatural memoir recounting how one woman coped with the experience of living with apparitions. If you like learning the secrets of the other side, engaging with the spirit world, and triumphing over evil, then you’ll love Julie Coons’s extraordinary account.

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My Review:

If you are faint of heart, do not read Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening at night. There are scares and haunts that will make the bumps in the night seem very threatening indeed.

Julie has been faced with a lifetime of horror. This has included: physical ailments, vile disgusting abuse at the hands of alleged nuns who doubtlessly would be burning in hell for all eternity if they were not fictional, depraved appalling abuse at the hands of an alleged mother who also will be on an express train to hell. Add to that the ability to see spirits and demonic activities and Julie could use a break.

Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening illustrates beautifully that when push comes to shove, you have the power to help yourself. Only when we find the inner strength can we overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Julie, of course, had the trauma of a physically abusive first husband. She adds to that the trauma of a mentally abusive man who needs to be divorced first and ask questions later, as a second husband. That is the true exorcism she needs - to exorcise her alleged husband, Jeff, and her alleged mom out of her life forever.

The frights and scares that come fast and furious will keep the avid paranormal reader glued to Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening. The action is non-stop and keep the reader wondering how Julie can deal with the onslaught. A very well written paranormal book that will engage every fan of ghost and paranormal writing.

I can recommend this to anyone who isn't scared of a scary book but again, do not read this at night!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Award-winning author Julie Coons lives in a small town in Oregon. This Does Not Leave This House was her debut memoir. Amy’s bookshelf reviews awarded it the #1 position for top 10 books of 2018. Her second book, Why She Lied, is based on a true story and winner of the 2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award bronze medal. Her third book, Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening, is also a true story about Julie’s paranormal journey. Julie plans to stay in the paranormal genre for a while.

If you wish to connect, ask a question, or invite Julie to speak to your group or organization, contact her at:

So much more coming in 2021! Julie also plans to make YouTube videos sharing more of her story. Subscribe to Julie's YouTube channel JULIE COONS and get to know her even better.

Social Media Links:

Website: YouTube: Julie Coons Twitter: @JulieCoons1 Facebook: Julie Coons Author

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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