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Hear No Evil by @SueWardDrake is a Black Friday Deal pick #blackfriday #bookdeal #cybermonday

Title: Hear No Evil

Author: Sue Ward Drake

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

For Molly Light, painting is her path out of a silent, solitary world. Awarded a once-in-a-lifetime trip to paint under the blue Grecian skies, she must accompany the handsome, enigmatic stranger who granted the prize. Sensual sparks fly, but when their journey plunges her into a chilling conspiracy, she suspects he’s not the man he pretends to be.

Bent on revenge for the brutal torture he’d once endured, guilt-ridden loner Stefanos Metadorakis believes Molly is sharing top-secret military plans with the enemy. His instructions are to escort her, watch her every move and mood—not fall in lust with her. But he’s inexplicably drawn to this beautiful, damaged woman and before long their passions explode.

As distrust mixes with desire, dangerous enemy forces are closing in, their sights set on Molly. With their lives in the balance, can the lovers trust each other enough to foil a deadly espionage plot?


Molly swallowed around a lump that came out of nowhere. Outside the car windows, apartment buildings and condominiums flashed past. She ran her hands down the shimmery fabric of her jumpsuit, pointed her toes inside her shoes, adjusted her air-conditioning vent. Eventually Stefanos pulled off the street and into a slot near the lobby of her building. Molly let out a breath and unfastened her seat belt. "I appreciate your time and dinner. Anything you can do to help me get the art commission would be appreciated. If you can't do anything, I'll understand."

A young couple crossed in front of the car and climbed the steps to her building. The man draped his arm around the woman's shoulders. She smiled up at him, obviously very much in love. Molly ignored the tightness squeezing her chest and groped for the door handle. "I do hope you enjoy the paintings you bought for yourself."

He held up his hand then pulled out his cigarette case.

Molly stopped fumbling and braced her back on the door. She could almost see him trying to decide how to phrase his next words. Would they be the ones she wanted to hear? Frantic pulses skittered along her nerves.

She waited, clasping her hands tightly in her lap, wishing she'd told him how much the art school meant to her. No, that would be an emotional plea. His cool manner and something else she couldn't name suggested he might not recognize the importance of emotions. Lots of men didn't.

He extended his cigarettes to her, but she shook her head. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Go ahead."

He chose one and snapped the case closed. Long, elegant fingers flipped back the lid of the lighter. How would those fingers feel caressing her face? Her shoulders?

She ground her teeth. Why was she even thinking about this?

But she knew. Regardless of his questions and his continuing mystery, this man stirred something she'd almost forgotten existed, that special something between a man and a woman.

He turned on the dome light and lofted the cigarette, his mouth twisting sardonically. "It is a nasty habit."

"Then why do you smoke?"

He shrugged. The glow of the dome light softened his features and shadowed the dimple in his cheek. With his looks, his voice, his mystery, Stefanos Metadorakis could make being in love intoxicating.

"It's getting late." Molly squared her shoulders. "Why don't I get in touch with you tomorrow? At your hotel?"

He shook his head and extinguished his cigarette in the car ashtray.

"Well, then..." She stared at the dashboard. What more could she say?

He looped a hand over the headrest of her seat, and the brush of his fingers sent goosebumps rippling down her arm. She absorbed the wondrous shiver reverberating through her but kept silent.

"I don't know how much longer I will be at the hotel," he spoke with calm deliberation. "I will get back to you. Here?"

"All right. I'll give you my cell number, but you'll have to text a message. May I borrow your pen?" Molly pulled a business card from her purse, wondering if this was another variation of don't-call-me-I'll-call-you. She took his pen, careful to avoid touching him, and jotted her personal number. "I'll also give you the number of the school if you want to leave a message."

"I'd rather speak to you."

"Okay, sure." The possible meaning behind his words snuggled into her heart. "Whatever you think best."

She only used the apartment phone for calls she initiated because of her hearing loss, but she could give him that number. She jotted both and handed him the card and pen.

Stefanos put them both in the console tray and switched off the inside light, casting the car interior into shadows. The hand near her shoulder grazed her chin with the velvety glow of a sunset fading into twilight. He slipped his hand around her neck and leaned closer.

Starbursts rode her spine, and every cell poised like a diver on the edge of a board. His mouth hovered close. Stop him! Don't complicate things.

But she could no more stop his kiss than she could have tuned a musical instrument.

His parted lips brushed hers, warm and moist. Heat pooled in her like hot wax under the flame of a candle. She slid a hand over the smooth fabric of his shirt and up over his shoulder. The hardness of his muscles, the way his hand curved around her rib cage—everything—pulled her down into the sea of sensation. How wonderful to be held in a man's arms again.

His mouth found hers with heat and urgency. Molly arched into his chest. How wonderful—

The gearbox banged her shin. She stilled. "I think we better stop."

He released her and sat back. Molly leaned against the headrest, her heart beating like a wild thing. "What was that for?"

Her voice sounded too breathy, so she straightened in the seat. She no doubt sounded like an idiot, but she needed an honest answer. "Why did you kiss me?"

His mouth lifted, and his dimple winked at her. He squeezed her hand. "A thank-you for being such a pleasant dinner companion."

His compliment touched her, and she smiled even as she noticed how skillfully he handled the question.

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On Sale for $1.99 for Black Friday weekend

What makes your featured book a must-read?

This woman-in-jeopardy features a beautiful disabled heroine who is both strong and vulnerable. Stefanos and Molly’s story is an action-packed adventure I’ve used my own experiences to set in a most romantic setting: the islands of Greece.

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Enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card:

Open Internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to win.

Runs November 25 – November 30, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on December 1, 2022.

Author Biography:

Award-winning author, Sue Ward Drake, loves using her experiences living in a farmhouse in Greece and her years in the French Quarter as fuel for her stories as often as possible. She writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense and speaks at conferences on writing suspense and disabilities. For news of the next thrilling Big Easy Brothers romantic suspense and other romances, visit, follow me on BookBub, or sign up for her newsletter and get a free story:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
28 nov. 2022

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your book sale in our Black Friday Book Deals Event!

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