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5+ stars for Heroes, Holidays, & Hope by collected authors #holidayromance #militaryromance

Title: Heroes, Holidays, & Hope

Author: Collected authors: Laura M. Baird, Hannah Morse, Laurie Ryan, Lynn Spangler, Sadira Stone, Dania Voss

Genre: Holiday Romance, Military Romance

Book Blurb:

They fought courageously on the battlefield, now they're fighting for love.

This limited-release anthology contains military romances set around the Christmas holiday. A portion of the sales will benefit Fisher House; a charity organization that provides comfort homes where military & veteran family members can stay while a loved one is in the hospital.

My Review:

A military romance anthology written with love and gratitude by veterans and veterans’ family members.

These five short stories are described as sweet and steamy in the foreword to the anthology. They’re not wrong. You’ll find the sweetest of love stories peppered with steamy moments. It’s a wonderful combination.

But the best part of this anthology is that it’s all about military members and their families set around Christmas. The proceeds of the sale of this book go to support the Fisher House Foundation, which provides free accommodations to military and veteran families when their loved ones are hospitalized.

I enjoyed every single story in this fabulous collection.

The Unexpected Gifts by Lynn Spangler

This story is a tale of courage and love. Cyndra Hart, a veteran, suffers from PTSD that won’t allow her to venture outside her house. That is, until the new delivery man, Brady Jacobs, keeps knocking at her door with packages. Her world explodes with new possibilities, if she’s brave enough to accept them. My heart ached for Cyndra and I had such respect for Brady. It’s a great love story.

Saved by her Marine by Luarie Ryan

Kaedon Powell is done with responsibility. He faced too much of it as a child, then he enlisted in the Marines. When an eight-year-old neighbor (going on thirty) seems to need help, he’s drawn in—albeit reluctantly. Her mother, Holly Miller, is a neurosurgical nurse on a tour in Germany. She’s never met this Kaedon person but must rely on him for help. I loved this story. I loved the spirited daughter and rooted that Kaedon and Holly could be more to each other than neighbors. Oh, yes, there’s a steamy FaceTime scene you don’t want to miss.

The One You Can’t Keep by Sadira Stone

This romance between teacher Klara Schaffer and Master Sargeant Logan Hendriks tugged at my heart. The chemistry between the two was as palpable as it was forbidden. Logan is the father of one of Klara’s troubled students. But that didn’t stop this story from heating up. Their love for each other was evident, but their concern for Logan’s son, Cody, took priority. I loved this story of two people trying hard to do the right thing, even if, in the end, their happiness wasn’t assured.

Imperfectly Perfect by Dania Voss

This steamy romance involved Paige Ward, a runaway bride, and Colt Miller, retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot. Both are scarred—both physically and emotionally. Paige accepts a creative development position at the bed and breakfast run by Colt’s mother. The attraction between the two is undeniable, but Colt fears she’ll run back to her hometown of Chicago and hurt his mom. Funny and touching in so many ways, I loved the growing trust these two developed. The icing on the cake was the cast of lovable family and friends.

Passion and Duty Forever by Laura M. Baird

Antonio and Leesa experience one night of instant magic. While Antonio, a Navy SEAL, has every intention of building on this for a long-term relationship, he’s summoned to the Middle East for three months.

This story gives you a glimpse into the separate lives of the two before they reunite. Their lives are different on so many levels, I wondered if they could find happiness together. Add to the mix that Leesa’s younger sister, Lexi, is being stalked by her absent-for-too-long father, you have the makings of a page-turning story.

I felt the passion between Leesa and Antonio, as well as the loyalty he displayed to his new family. This story is a testimonial to the values of family and friends who become family.

I highly recommend this sweet and steamy anthology. And the best part of it, you won’t need that cup of hot chocolate. The stories will keep you plenty warm.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

The award winning and bestselling authors in this collection are either veterans or veterans' family members, providing readers with a variety of romances not to be missed.

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Reviewed by: Terry


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