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His To Protect by @parisbrandon is an April 99c Sale Event pick #99cents #paranormalromance #pnr

Title: His To Protect

Author: Paris Brandon

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

After ten long years, desperation has forced Luna Sinclair back to Los Lobos but nothing in her experience has prepared her for the heat that Pack Protector, Gunnar Redmond unleashes. Her wolf is clawing to break free and run straight for the hulking beast but what wolf in their right mind would want to be tied to her family tree?

Not everyone is happy about welcoming the daughter of one of the old alpha’s henchmen, home. Old wounds and secrets are exposed and to make matters worse, Drew Tao, the new alpha has reason to suspect that she might have revealed the packs most closely guarded secret when she escaped the crazed survivalist that had been keeping her prisoner.

None of that matters to Gunnar. He’s known Luna was his mate since finding her naked and shivering on pack land and he’ll do anything to keep her. With their wolves clawing to mate and danger closing in, anyone who wants to hurt her will have to go through him first.


Gunnar Redmond’s blood still raced from his morning run, and the female’s musky scent hit him doubly hard. The haggard white wolf had been running in a straight line since she’d hit the perimeter a few minutes ago. Nothing ran that hard unless something chased it, and he didn’t see or smell anything following her. Too soon to call a warning for something he could probably handle himself, the pack protector kept well behind his quarry. The third time she stumbled, his wolf reached for her, nearly stopping him in his tracks.

The urge to catch her before she fell surprised him. He breathed in her scent once more, finding her human nature had become much stronger and stank of a fear so fierce it permeated the crisp autumn air. She’d transformed. The scent grew stronger. His quarry had stopped, perhaps to get her bearings.

Every wolf in Los Lobos knew the location of the pack land boundaries.

She was obviously lost and confused.

Downwind and hidden by a small stand of trees, Gunnar crouched on the crest of a small hill. Naked and filthy, twigs and leaves riddled her tangled mess of dark hair that reached past her shoulders. Mud streaked her bare arms and legs. Her thin flanks trembled as she rubbed her hands up and down her arms and looked around. She might not be very tall, but her obvious curves left no doubt she was all woman.

His wolf whined.

If he waited any longer, his wolf was going to behave inappropriately. Knocking her down so he could clean her and show his obvious interest probably wouldn’t win him any points. He stood and unbuttoned his shirt as he walked down the short incline.

The wind shifted, and she lifted her nose, turned, and froze. Her dark eyes widened, and he scented the fear she tried to hide. His size intimidated most, but her gaze had locked on his fingers, still working his shirt buttons free, and it occurred to him what the situation must look like.

Nice going, dumbass.

He let his arms drop and sighed. “Did you know you were trespassing?”

Her shoulders slumped. She stared at him a moment, and her mouth worked in a silent effort that seemed to frustrate her. Finally, her words tumbled like so much static from a radio. “Am I in Los Lobos?”

Gunnar nodded, and a shaky smile quirked one corner of her mouth.

“My name is Luna Sinclair, and I beg sanctuary.”

He stripped off his shirt with a little more force than necessary and handed it to her before turning to give her some privacy. And so she couldn’t see his face. “Are you Ed Sinclair’s daughter?” He hadn’t meant to snap.

“Yes.” She delivered the one succinct word in the same brusque tone he’d used. She didn’t sound happy about relaying the information.

“The alpha will want to see you.” He turned around. Why did he and his wolf always choose the most difficult path to reach any desired destination?

She nodded and rolled the too-long sleeves of his green-plaid flannel shirt with a brisk efficiency he admired. When she raised her head, her gaze snagged on his bare chest before she hastily averted her eyes.

Her skittishness held a primal appeal he barely resisted. He had a job to do. All the same, his skin rippled in response. His wolf growled possessively, though he doubted the sparkle lighting her eyes had anything to do with desire. If he had to guess, her tears masked the fear she tried to contain.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid.” Doubt clouded her gaze. “I’m not afraid.” Her second attempt came out whispered, as if repeating it again would make it true.

His wolf wanted to comfort her. His alpha, Drew Tao, wouldn’t appreciate him putting his own needs, first. He’d been tasked to be a pack protector, and, at the moment, he didn’t like it much. “You were running as if you were being chased.” He softened his voice. “I need to know who or what has you so scared.”

“Who are you?” Suspicion tinged her question.

“Gunnar Redmond, and it’s my job to know, so you might as well tell me.”

“I’ll tell the alpha. No sense in repeating it twice.”

“It is if the pack is in imminent danger,” he snapped.

“I had a pack of dogs chasing me. I didn’t remember the exact location of our border, but, apparently, they did. I wanted to make sure I was on Tao land before I stopped.”

She’s lying. Dogs giving chase barked like mad, and he hadn’t heard anything. Interrogation was a tricky thing. Sometimes he learned more by listening. “The dogs around here aren’t usually that stupid. What did you do to piss them off?”

“I’m female, you work it out.”

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

What if the only place you could be safe was the one place you knew you’d never be welcome? We all desire to be part of communities that nurture and defend one another but my heroine has grown up without ever having this kind of safety net or reason to believe anyone would want to be part of her life. I love stories where characters are able to overcome the obstacles they’re forced to confront.

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Author Biography:

USA Today bestselling author Paris Brandon writes contemporary, paranormal, erotic and historical romance, throwing in a little mystery and suspense for good measure. She can be found most days bent over her keyboard creating worlds where sleeping beauty turns out to be a cursed bootlegger or an outlaw shifter is forced to go on the run with the assassin tasked with killing her.

When not dreaming up stories featuring heroes who aren’t intimidated by strong heroines, she can be found searching through antique and thrift stores for vintage treasures, or communing with nature, which is code for sitting on the patio with a cup of tea and a good book. And as with any activity, chocolate is usually involved.

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Barbara Bettis
07 abr 2022

Sounds like an exciting read! Good luck with the sale, Paris.

Me gusta

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
07 abr 2022

Thank you, Paris, for sharing your book sale in our April 99c Sale Bookish Event!

Me gusta
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