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5 stars for Honor Bound by Award-Winning @jessicajames #historicalromance #histfic #bookreview

Title: Honor Bound (Clean and Wholesome Southern Historical Fiction) (Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy Book 2)

Author: Jessica James

Genre: Historical Sweet Romance, Historical Fiction, Civil War

Book Blurb:

The Saga Continues...

Follow Union spy Andrea Evans as she finds herself recuperating from an injury in the home of her enemy, Colonel Alexander Hunter. Hawthorne is an almost mythical place of rolling hills, horses, and...peace from the raging battlefield.

Will Andrea discover that her feelings for her enemy have changed over time? Or only intensified?

Don’t miss the second volume of this page-turning novel that has been read and loved by thousands of readers.

Note: This book was previously published as Shades of Gray, and later re-released as Noble Cause with a happily-ever-after ending. It has been revised, expanded and re-edited for this release.

Did you miss DUTY BOUND?

Here’s what happened: Colonel Alexander Hunter would rather die than see the Union set foot on his beloved Virginia soil. And while he holds the line against Northern aggression with legendary skill, a treacherous boy on horseback always thwarts his offensives.

His allegiance is tested when the traitor he unmasks is the woman he once swore to his brother he would protect.

Andrea Monroe would do anything to make her country whole again. A Southern-born Union spy, she’s dedicated to undermining the arrogant Confederate officer.

Can two adversaries reach beyond the battle lines to unite in the midst war?

Find out in HONOR BOUND: Vol II of the Shades of Gray Civil War Trilogy

The Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy is a powerful exploration into a defining era of American history. If you like emotional journeys, rich Southern backdrops, and epic stories of devotion, then you’ll adore Jessica James’s captivating Civil War adventure.

What they said about Shades of Gray:

“It is a book I think could have the impact of a ‘Gone With the Wind.” – J. Noyalas, Assistant Professor of History

“The best Civil War fiction book since Cold Mountain.” – J. Bibb, SCV, Trimble Camp 1836

“Andrea and Alex will surely take the place in my heart of Rhett and Scarlett as the perfect Civil War fictional love story!” – A. Deyarmin

"I am reluctant to admit I enjoyed it (Shades of Gray) more than Gone With the Wind! This book takes you through so many emotions!" – Amazon Reviewer

"Not since reading Gone With the Wind have I enjoyed a book so much as Jessica James's Shades of Gray! I could not put Shades of Gray down, from start to finish!" - S. Winch

My Review:

Andrea Evans wakes up disorientated, only to discover she’s in the home of her enemy Alex Hunter. Is she a captive in Colonel Hunter’s home? Andrea is not sure. She’s being taken care of while she recovers from her leg injury and treated like a guest by the household staff. She matches wits with Hunter almost daily and sometimes she takes it too far. But when Victoria, a true Virginian lady and supposed soon to be fiancée of Alex, worms her way into staying, lines are drawn in the sand. Does Hunter want a woman who can’t defend herself, like Victoria? Andrea’s not sure but she knows one thing: her conflicted feelings for Alex Hunter are put into focus, thanks to some life-altering events. Will Andrea let down her guard and share her true feelings for Alex or will honor drive a wedge between them?

Honor Bound is an incredible kaleidoscope of tense moments, emotions, confined living quarters, and the human spirit. The tension between Andrea and Alex is at an all-time high. Their combative natures make for an enticing read. What I loved most was reading from Andrea’s perspective. Her spirit and convictions are admirable, especially for a woman in the deep south during the Civil War. The contrast between Andrea and Victoria is startling and very revealing. This is book two in the Shades of Gray trilogy and I’m amazed by Jessica James’ ability to interweave historical facts and events within a breathtaking fictional story. I found myself whisked away to the time period and became a part of the story. A shocking ending only whets my anticipation for the final book, Glory Bound. If you’re a devoted historical fiction reader, pick up Honor Bound. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jessica James is an award-winning author of patriotic suspense, historical fiction, and heartwarming Southern small town fiction. She is a four-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Fiction, and has won more than a dozen other literary awards including a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Society of America. James’ novels have been used in schools and are available in hundreds of libraries including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy. She resides in Gettysburg, Pa., and has a passion for old dwellings and first edition books.

When not writing, Jessica loves to travel to the back roads of America and discover untold stories of our nation’s history. You can follow along at or receive a free book when you sign up for her author newsletter at

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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