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5+ stars for If Yesterday Could Talk by Sonja Gunter #romance #billionaireromance #workplaceromance #bookreview

Title: If Yesterday Could Talk

Author: Sonja Gunter

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


A promise is a promise, right? Even if it was made twenty years ago.


Rane Schoen’s promise to marry the boy she met on an airplane is long forgotten.


Mark Christmenn, now the President and owner of his family coffee business, MAC Companies, plans on keeping the promise. Until his well-orchestrated and lonely life flashes in front of him, when he is shot by a drug cartel, who had been using his coffee bean shipments to smuggle drugs. He second guesses the old promise.


Chance brings the two of them together, but neither recognizes the other from twenty years ago. Will their sexual attraction be enough to fulfill the promise they made as kids?


My Review:


If Yesterday Could Talk by Sonja Gunter has everything a fan of billionaire romances could want. From his private jet to his desire to belong in his own company, Mark is the quintessential romantic hero. While he casually dates—no more than three per woman—he’s bound to a promise he made to a young teen on a plane. He has the pencil drawing she drew him of their wedding to take place in EPCOT. At the top is the promise to meet there to wed in twenty years. I loved how this thread gives Mark hope but also holds him back when he falls head-over-heels for Rane.


Rane is a likable heroine who I could see myself befriending. She’s a professional on the hunt for her dream job and collides with Mark—literally—at the beginning of her interview at his company. This part of the book reminded me of 50 Shades of Grey but thankfully, Rane is a mature, socially-strong adult. This book is open-door but doesn’t go beyond vanilla-spice level. She doesn’t also Mark’s seduction to derail her involvement in improving his company. I loved their workplace interactions. Her job is to streamline his company and she doesn’t hold back because of her attraction to him. The further I read, the more I respected her...and fell for her cat, Thor.


When we meet Mark, he’s hunted by the mafia. I wish Gunter had continued this thread to the end of the book. He’s cornered and shot with government agents and bodyguards firing at one point, but can walk to restaurants in later chapters, without incident. When the paparazzi interrupted their lunch dates, I was confused. How can reporters get to them when the mafia can’t? I was waiting for a connection between the mafia and the paparazzi or the mafia and the reappearance of Rane’s ex-husband.


Overall, I recommend If Yesterday Could Talk for fans of billionaire and office romances. They will love Mark for more than his money but for his vulnerability and loyalty to a promise he made as a kid.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Born and raised in the cold and beautiful Minnesota, she escaped to Illinois for seventeen years to raise two boys, and now calls Florida home. She and her husband Andy, who’s always her hero, have a new family to worry about; Cookie, an Assui-Po dog and Chip, a ragdoll cat, that their sons compare to Eeyore.


She loves to travel, read, and bowl. You can catch her writing her next novel at the lanes. 


Sonja encourages you to visit for more info and don’t be surprised if she lets her Norwegian heritage come through in her stories.  You betcha!


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Reviewed by: Patty


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