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5 stars for In the Now by Bestseller @JenniferAShore #romance #musicfiction #bookreview

Title: In the Now

Author: Jennifer Ann Shore

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers Romance, Music Fiction

Book Blurb:

There’s a reason why I haven’t been home for ten years.

Scratch that.

There are many reasons why I haven’t been home—family drama, small-town gossip, and my career probably take up the top three spots.

But when my career stalls and I get devastating family news, I’m back to the very place I ran away from a decade ago. The last thing I want to do is pick up right where I left off, and as I'm drawn to Noah, my terrifyingly gorgeous high school bully, I know that things have certainly changed.

I was supposed to run away and never look back, but I’m stuck dealing with my past and planning for the future. But all I want to do is live in the now.

“In The Now” is an enemies to lovers, second chance new adult romance by Amazon bestseller Jennifer Ann Shore.

My Review:

Superstar singer Olivia O. has returned to her hometown in order to present an award to her high school English teacher, mentor, and surrogate father, Scott. It’s been ten years since she graced the halls of her high school yet when she sees Noah Washington, her nemesis and high school bully, it’s like time stands still. Only, she’s changed a lot since then and this time, she lets him have it. She’s intending to stay a week but when she discovers Scott has advanced-staged cancer, she drops everything in her life to help him. With the help of Noah, now a doctor in residency at the hospital, she becomes Scott’s caretaker. Life keeps throwing her and Noah together and as much as she hates to admit it, he’s changed too and begs for her forgiveness for what he put her through in the past. She’s conflicted yet she can’t deny her feelings for Noah anymore. Can she learn to live in the now, as Scott wants her to, or will she forever let others dictate her happiness?

In the Now is an unexpected story and one I wasn’t sure I was going to like when I first started reading. Falling in love with your high school bully? How is that even possible? I was tormented in high school by a particular boy who gleefully picked on me every day. I can’t imagine ever having romantic feelings for him. But somehow, Jennifer Ann Shore made it believable. Her gifted writing style had me rooting for this couple to work it out. Although, In the Now is so much more than a steamy enemies to lovers romance. The theme of caring for a loved one staring death in the face is a strong one. Olivia doesn’t deal well with her mentor’s diagnosis at first and I must admit, her fragility connected me to her. Life throws us curveballs and how we learn from them is so important to our growth. I applaud Jennifer Ann Shore for writing such an emotional story. Beautifully written, In the Now is a must-read. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Jennifer Ann Shore is a writer and an Amazon bestselling author based in Seattle, Washington.

She has written multiple fiction novels, including "New Wave," a young adult dystopian, and "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy," a young adult romance.

In her decade of working in journalism, marketing, and book publishing, she has won numerous awards for her work from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Be sure to visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely) or your preferred social media channel to stay in touch.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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