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5+ stars for In$ured to the Hilt by Charlotte Stuart #99cents #99c #humorousmystery #bookreview

Title: In$ured to the Hilt (A John Smith Mystery)

Author: Charlotte Stuart

Genre: Humorous Mystery

Book Blurb:

Everyone wants to make money off of insurance. In In$ured to the Hilt this includes a greedy claimant and her voluptuous daughter, an ambitious administrative assistant, a desperate insurance agent, and a man obsessed with maintaining his reputation. In the end, they are all “insured to the hilt,” some more literally than others.

My Review:

Who knew insurance could turn deadly? We all have listened to insurance agents drone on about why we need insurance. I never would’ve thought reading an insurance mystery could give me a side ache from laughing so hard. Charlotte Stuart is a brilliant mystery author, and her latest book is hilarious. She’s taken a subject so boring (insurance) and created a lively mystery filled with quirky characters, laugh-til-your-ribs-ache dialogue, numerous accidents, and an increasing body count. You won’t be able to put this book down.

It starts with the mystery and it’s a doozy. The mystery is a complex plot with a lot going on. It starts off slow and easy-going but picks up speed. There are plot twists, red herrings, and dead ends to keep any reader entertained. The whodunit is not your average mystery, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The characters are well written with their own personality. I swear, at times, I felt like I was on one of those daytime talk shows where people yell and scream at each other. Yes, this is a wacky group of characters, each with their own agenda. The more I read, the more invested I became.

The best part of this book is the dialogue. Charlotte Stuart’s gift for comedic timing is on display. She writes dialogue that’s zany and will make you laugh. I swear, I laughed so hard, my sides hurt.

If you’re like me and looking for a mystery that’s fresh, original, and funny, pick up In$ured to the Hilt. You’ll never look at insurance the same.

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

Charlotte Stuart PhD is an award-winning mystery writer who got her start in academia, left a tenured faculty position to go commercial fishing in Alaska, spent a frustrating year as a political speech writer, enjoyed time as a management consultant, and survived several years as a VP of HR and Training.

Her current passion is for writing humorous mysteries with twisty plots. She has published ten mysteries since 2019 and won numerous awards including a Global eBook gold, two NYC Big Book Distinguished Favorites, a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and two Firebird Book Awards for humor. She’s also been a Silver Falchion and Chanticleer International Mystery and Mayhem finalist. Charlotte lives and writes on Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest and is the past president of the Puget Sound Sisters in Crime.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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