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Laurel Ridge: Seven Ways to Love by Diana Stout is a Kindle Unlimited pick #romance #ku #giveaway

Title: Laurel Ridge: Seven Ways to Love


Author: Diana Stout


Genre: Romance


Book Blurb: 


A book bundled with seven couples, seven conflicts, and seven different romances.Welcome to Laurel Ridge--A small, southern community with classmates, best friends to lovers, love at first sight, and second chance romances, and a mystery involving a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle threaded through each of their stories. Seven couples, seven conflicts, and seven different romances all within the span of 15 days.


Excerpt from Arrested Pleasures #3.  Tagline: Can Cutter, the bad boy womanizer of Laurel Ridge, ever win the heart of game warden Annie Martin, who'd rather see him in handcuffs?

His grin widened.


She hated how he could make her laugh, even when she didn't want to. And, being called Teeny…no one but Cutter called her that and had ever since their first meeting when they were kids. Anyone else who tried using that name with her got punched. By her.


"So, what help was Jefferson talking about?"


"I don't—"


"Ah, ah, ah. Truth or Dare."


She rolled her eyes, tilted her head so she was staring at her mug and cursed under her breath.


"What was that?" he asked, purposely being cocky. "Did you really—while in uniform? Tsk, tsk."


She dropped her shoulders and blew out a breath. She couldn't do this. Not yet. Not now. Not with him. "Cutter—"


"You don't want to talk about it."


It was a statement, not a question. It never ceased to amaze her how he could read her mind. How many times had she denied what she was thinking because he had guessed correctly?


He'd been the first to offer his condolences and to give her a big hug when her parents had died. When he hugged her, she had just relaxed against him. Easily and instinctively. Too easily, actually.


 As much as she hated to deny it, she was glad to see him today. Though, she could have been happy having seen less of him earlier…walking out of the water, his bum perfectly rounded, a strong back, and long muscled legs—


"Earth to Annie."


"Sorry, what?"


"Let me walk you to your truck. You’re working today, right?’


She got up. He mimicked her movement. "You don't have to do that."


"Not a problem. We're both leaving anyway."


They left money on the table for the coffee and tip, and she turned, walking toward the door, knowing that Cutter followed behind her.


At the door, he reached around her for the handle, pulling the door open. Outside, they walked toward her truck, neither saying a word.


She grabbed the door's handle. He came around, standing in her way. "Give me a kiss."


She sputtered with laughter. That was the last thing she expected him to say. And yet, how many times in any year since that one disastrous date they'd had in high school had he been making this same request? So many times that it had become a standing joke.


She looked at him, biting her lip to keep from laughing some more. Cutter was giving her that lost puppy-dog look he displayed when begging.


"No," she said.


"That's what you always say!"


"And I'll keep saying it until you stop asking."


"I'll stop asking once you give me one."




"Aw, come on, Little Bits, don't be such a party pooper."


"Never did like parties."


"A party for two is always a delightful party."


"Delightful?” She laughed. “Says you."


"Always, even when it doesn't go well."


"Speak for yourself."


"Give me another chance."


"You had your chance."


"That wasn't a chance. It was a series of mistakes."


"That you started by being late."


"I couldn't help it. I ran out of gas."


"Which you should have planned ahead and filled your tank."


"Okay, point taken. But—"


"Then we were so late to the movie, we didn't go and ended up at the diner for sundaes, and mine ended up in my lap."


"An accident."


"That you caused because you were ogling Shelley's boobs when she walked by, knocking over your water that splashed all over me, with your glass pushing my split into my lap!"


"I was a teenage boy!"


"And the raspberry syrup stained my shirt—my favorite—which I had to throw away."


"You didn't keep it as a memory keepsake?"


"What are you, an ad man? Worst first date ever."


"But, not our last. At least, not until you forgive me. You will, you know."


"Not happening."


"That's cruel."


She laughed again.


"Goodnight, Cutter," she said, pushing him out of her way, opening the door, shutting it before he could say anything more. Starting the truck, she wiggled her fingers goodbye at him, and backed up. Going forward, she glanced at her side mirror, seeing him still rooted to the spot, with an even more exaggerated crest-fallen expression.


For the first time ever, he had failed to ask his Dare question. She wondered if he’d even realized it.


 Pulling out of the parking lot, she raised her hand and waved again, this time not looking in the mirror.


Was it a mistake not asking for his help?


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What makes your featured book a must-read?  


Wild Women Reviews wrote: "Stout knows how to write compelling characters and make it look effortless. Plus, the last story in the series ties up each previous couple AND the mystery behind how the canary yellow Volkswagen Bug ended up at the bottom of Whippoorwill Lake. It is simple, sweet, character driven, and absolutely lovely. Do not miss this series. It’s a wonder. 7 out of 5 stars."


Giveaway –


Enter to win a $40 Amazon gift card:



Open Internationally.


Runs November 7 – November 16, 2023.


Winner will be drawn on November 17, 2023.


Author Biography:


Dr. Diana Stout is a multi-genre award-winning writer and former English professor of writing classes. She enjoys sharing her expertise with other writers and goal-seekers. She teaches through the website and is scheduled to teach Punctuation & Grammar Made Easy in January 2024, and Using (& Avoiding) Procrastination in June 2024.


Today, she writes full-time and is an indie publisher through her company, Sharpened Pencils Productions LLC. She's busy finishing a plotting made easy how-to book/workbook for writers and a psychological thriller too.


Social Media Links:


Sharpened Pencils Productions:

Into the Core blog: htts://

Behind the Scenes blog:

Twitter: ScreenWryter13 or

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 15, 2023

Thank you, Diana, for sharing your book in our KU Bookish Event!

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