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Linked by Deception by @JamiGrayAuthor is an Indie Authors pick #paranormalromance #indie #giveaway

Title: Linked by Deception – PSY-IV Teams #5

Author: Jami Gray

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Forced to play intimate criminal partners, will Rabbit & Jinx risk turning illusion to truth as they race to untangle a web of conspiracies and lies?

When it comes to the relationship game, she’s learned her lesson well…

With her ability to weave illusions, Jinx Thorne grew up running successful cons with her grifter father, until the day he taught her how easy it is to deceive those you love. Armed with that hard-earned wisdom, she retreats behind her emotional walls determined to avoid a repeat lesson. When she’s partnered with the seductively charming Rabbit, his friendship does the impossible, eroding her defenses and leaving her on shaky ground.

With his patience at an end, he’s about to change the rules…

As the PSY-IV Team’s tech wizard, Rabbit Tessier can manipulate all things electronic, yet that’s not his only area of expertise. As an acknowledged flirt, he enjoys his role as the team’s heart-breaker, but after he’s partnered with the intoxicating queen of illusions that satisfaction wans and he’s done playing games. As they undertake a dangerous mission where things could go sideways in a blink, he’ll take the biggest gamble of all and lay his cards on the table.

When the mission forces them to play intimate criminal partners, will they risk the jump from illusion to truth as they race through a maze of conspiracies and lies before the clock runs out?


Jinx wasted no time disappearing into her assigned dressing room, and left with no other option, the saleswoman headed back out. For a second, I stood there wondering what exactly she thought we would do if left alone. The images that popped up were not fit for mixed company and had me quickly thinking of less scandalous things. I did not need Wolf getting a prime viewing of my fantasies.

A muffled giggle came from behind Meli’s door. “Smooth move.”

That earned a soft snort from Jinx’s area. “Don’t encourage him.”

“Aren’t you two a laugh a minute.” We were keeping our voices down just to be safe. I went over to Meli’s door, palming the drive from my pocket. “You decent?”

“I’m always decent.” She opened the door, and I handed over the drive. She took it and slipped it into her jeans pocket. “Thanks.”

I gave her a nod. “Stay safe, yeah?”

That earned me a mischievous grin. “Don’t worry. I’ve got my own big bad wolf on guard.”

Unable to resist, I sent out a telepathic hail. Hey, big bad wolf. Handoff complete.

Don’t make me show you my teeth, Rabbit.

Aw, now, it’s cute. I turned away, hearing Meli’s door click shut behind me.

A low growl echoed in my head as I went to Jinx’s door. Satisfied that I’d distracted Wolf enough to make him miss anything incriminating my frustrated psyche might leak, I shifted back into work mode. Once Jinx gets an outfit, we’ll head back out. You should be clear to move after that.

Roger. You two watch your backs.

Always do.Standing outside of Jinx’s room, I said, “Better hand over that outfit, cher.”

“Give me a second.” There was some rustling followed by a bit of cursing then the rattle of a hanger. “Here.” The fluttering skirt flew over the top of the door, along with its accompanying hanger.

I caught both before they hit the floor. “This it?”

Her answer was to toss over the blouse.


It flew over the door.

It took a minute to get the blouse on the hanger right. Then I headed out to pass both items to Ms. Helpful. When I got back, Meli was in front of the mirror, doing that twisty turning thing while modeling a pair of white pants that stopped short of her ankles and a flowing blouse that rippled with every move.

“Cute.” When my compliment earned me a frown, I asked, “What?”

From behind Jinx’s door came her tart “A man of your charm should know ‘cute’ is the death knell for any outfit.”

Cute is for your baby sister,” Meli chimed in.

Holding up my hands in surrender, I retook my seat on the bench. “Apologies. How about I take back the cute comment.”

“Too late.” Meli headed back to her room, a flounce in her step.

As her door clicked shut, I wondered how in the hell I ended up in these situations.

Better you than me. Wolf’s amusement came through loud and clear.

Deciding turnabout was fair play, I tugged Wolf’s tail. Oh, I don’ know about dat, my man, because the view in here has its perks.

Go ahead, geekmeister. There was a hint of a growl in his mental voice. Reach out and see how fast my redhead will singe your ego.

As much fun as it was to ruffle Wolf’s fur, it was best not to tempt those teeth. C’est bon. I got me a Jinx to head off any trouble.

Please. Jinx carries trouble in her damn pocket.

I could all but hear Wolf rolling his damn eyes, but since he was spot-on with his assessment, there was no way to argue. Not that I’d try. Hell, I liked that Jinx brought a bit of the unexpected to all that she touched.

Jinx’s door opened, and she stepped out. “What about this one?”

An invisible fist nailed my gut, and I stared at what Jinx called a dress as she moved to the mirrors. Merde. That was no dress. It was temptation, pure and simple. The depth of my reaction had me throwing up every block Wolf had taught the team. I needed to keep him blind to the images cascading through my mind.

The deep-bronze material adhered to every delectable curve with loving dedication. That color against the golden hue of her skin turned it a pettable shade of honey. The tailored skirt that hit midthigh combined with the metallic-bronze heels turned her bare legs into a mouth-watering visual. Oh yeah, this dress is nothin’ but trouble.

“Well?” A curvy hip bump interrupted my dazed fascination. She sounded exasperated.

Shifting my gaze away from her unintended enticement, I managed a semicoherent answer. “That one works, cher.”

Color rose in her cheeks, and she looked down and smoothed her hands over her hips. “I didn’t think I would, but I kind of like it.”

“Get it. You look good, and it works for tonight’s dinner.” Hunger had a chokehold on my vocal cords, and my voice came out rougher than intended but didn’t make the words any less true. The dress carried the sophistication of Elena and the fire of Jinx, so yeah—it was perfect.

She looked up and studied me. I didn’t know what she saw, but I could guess. All those tricky emotions—fascination, curiosity, want—were shoving against the cage I kept them in, rattling the bars and making demands.

Her eyelids fluttered as the color on her cheeks deepened. “I guess this is the one, then.”

“Good.” Knowing that if I stayed, whatever control I had might snap, I got to my feet, wincing as certain parts of my anatomy protested. “I’ll meet you out front.”

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Ex-military, psychic, adrenaline junkies…the men and women of PSY-IV Teams will keep you on the edge of your seat and reading long into the night. Love, action, and adventure follow each couple in this paranormal romance series as sparks fly between these unique warriors who’ll use whatever skills necessary to complete their mission.

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Open Internationally. Runs December 8 – December 13, 2020. Winner will be drawn on December 16, 2020.

Author Biography:

Jami Gray is the coffee addicted, music junkie, Queen Nerd of her personal Geek Squad, Alpha Mom of the Fur Minxes, who writes to soothe the voices crammed in her head. You don’t want to miss out on her multiple series that mix magic and mayhem with a wicked edge -- Arcane Transporter, Kyn Kronicles, PSY-IV Teams, or Fate’s Vultures.

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