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5 stars for Living By The Code – A Pearl Brothers Western Adventure #western #bookreview

Title: Living By The Code – A Pearl Brothers Western Adventure

Author: Andrew Weston

Genre: Western, Historical Western, Western Adventure

Book Blurb:

The old west can be a harsh and unforgiving place, even for those like Jacob and Noah Pearl, who are used to the rigors of frontier living. So, when ghosts from the past return to threaten the peace and stability of their community, they’re quick to respond, and go out of their way to eradicate that threat before the shadow it casts can spread too far.

Some might view their response as an overreaction. Ruthless, even. But the Pearl Brothers and the residents of Elder Grove look on it as following the Code of the West. A code that never wavers in the protection of you, your own, and seeing justice done.

My Review:

The journey through the Old West continues with the Pearl Brothers. Their activities seem to be the definition of divergent paths. There is something familiar about this book…it is the Reno brothers. Like a bad smell, there they are again.

The storylines are brilliantly written and carry the reader through a number of different plotlines. Each one does have a connection to the other, making this all the more rewarding to read.

The open question is what is worse? Facing a strait-laced family and seeking to get permission to marry...or facing a gang of vengeful gunmen. Read this and you will come to your own conclusion.

Fans of this series will simply need to rush to get their hands on this energetic fourth story. If you are fan of the Old West told in the 'classic' fashion, then this book is for you. Action, romance, tension and suspense, all you want in a great western!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Born in the UK, Andrew Weston was captivated by the great western shows of the 1950s and 60s, where the likes of Wagon Train, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, and the High Chaparral were regular fare on TV.

Having served around the world in both the military and law enforcement for well over three decades, Weston now lives in the Aegean Greek Islands with his wonderful wife of 24 years. It is from there that he continues his quest to write the perfect story, and discover a film to rival, “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @WestonAndrew

Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Andrew Paul Weston
Andrew Paul Weston
Dec 06, 2023

Thank you so much for the review. Very much appreciated, and so glad you liked the story.

All the best,


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