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Author Spotlight | Meet @author_barr and her paranormal romance books #ownvoices #pnr #books #free

Marilyn Barr’s paranormal romance books span from shifters to cowboys, to spies – oh my! What do they all have in common? Marilyn loves to write about the soul in soulmates. As a spiritual healer, specializing in Shamanic healing techniques, Marilyn infuses her works with the spiritual side of a relationship as much as the physical. Explosive chemistry is often found between soulmates but with passion comes fireworks of all sorts. Her heroines often ask, “if we are destined to be together, why is getting along so difficult?” She likes to point out that just because you ride off into the sunset together doesn’t mean the road will be smooth. Being equal partners means having two partners who do not always agree – which is what a loving relationship is all about.

Marilyn’s love of Insta-romance comes from her own life where she met the love of her life in her first college class. Running late and dripping wet from her shower, she dropped a shoe on the desk next to the last seat in Level 3 Engineering Calculus. Boy, was she humiliated when the most handsome man she had ever seen returned her shoe at the end of class! He held it for an hour while as she fixed her hair and contact lenses.

As flustered as she was, she didn’t notice he was as smitten with her as she was with him. He bet her the homework would be collected in a few days – which he knew he would lose. The next Friday night he showed up at her dorm to take her out for pizza as her reward for winning the bet. Their failed first date is written as Grant and Alison’s first date in Marilyn’s debut novel, Strawberry Shifters Book 1: Bear with Me.

The couple has been inseparable for over twenty-three years, but it hasn’t always been easy. In her books, Marilyn portrays the squabbles, struggles, and tender moments of those who are terminally in love. Her heroes and heroines are working people with a little extra magic. They come in all sizes, shapes, and ability levels because of Marilyn’s firm belief that everyone has someone to love. We find in Strawberry Shifters Book 2: Round of Applause, some of us have more than one.

With an autistic son, and having sensory processing disorder herself, it is important to Marilyn to portray heroes (and heroines) with disabilities as capable as their typical peers. One of Marilyn’s missions as an author is to counter the disabled character’s stereotypes of the helpless victim, sidekick in need of constant protection, or computer hacker who has all the data but never steps out of their office. While she and her son are on the spectrum, neither of them has advanced computer skills or the desire to be rescued. Neurodiverse people lead the charge in her books because she is most comfortable blazing the trail in real life.

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Featured BOOK 1

Title Dance to a Wylder Beat

Author Marilyn Barr

Genre Paranormal, Western Romance

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Series – The Wylder West

Book Blurb

Nartan Sagebrush's name may mean "to dance" in Arapaho, but he dances in secret. Forced to abandon his Shamanic apprenticeship, he is overwhelmed with homesteader life, and even his spirit guides are at their wit's end. Nartan takes fate into his own hands. Instead of divine intervention, a wife will help with his responsibilities and in assimilating into the Wylder community.

Olive Muegge answers Nartan's "wife wanted" advertisement. Wildly independent she has secretly dreamed of a family to call her own. The secret she carries inside makes her an outcast and her wild ways don't fit the quiet wife Nartan thinks he desires. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other but a mistake may drive them apart. Will Nartan embrace his Shamanic past to save them both or will he choose to rid himself of Olive forever?


When I turn back, the men are wrestling in a cloud of dust. Dead Eyes’ friends hoot like owls while a small crowd gathers around the scene. Being half-drunk, Dead Eyes is two steps slower than Nartan, who is landing punches on both sides. When Dead Eyes slams his gun on the ground in surrender, the dust settles, and I can study my future husband.

Nartan’s muscular body straddles the smaller man while his broad chest billows. His hat has blown off in the scuffle, revealing two thick black braids adorned with feathers. Tendrils of raven-black hair wave around his head. “Quiet wife for a quiet life” my bloomin’ butt. This man is a sweet lick of passion wrapped in a delicious exterior. I think I’m gonna like being Mrs. Sagebrush just fine. I can handle an odd stick as long as he has the countenance of Nartan because I’m not as normal as I appear myself.

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Featured BOOK 2

Title The Spy Who Was Out Cold

Author Marilyn Barr

Genre Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

Book Series – The Spiritual Spy Book 1

Book Series Trailer –

Book Blurb

Ito may call Katya his umnyashka, but this clever telepath has made a catastrophic mistake. When Sergei assassinated their captors, Katya assumed she and Ito would escape with him. Following her heart, Katya rejected Sergei’s offer of freedom for Ito’s promise of love as he worked his way up to mob boss. Fifteen years later, Katya has traded her metal cage for an endless string of hotel rooms with no hope of escape until Sergei steps into her life with a second chance.

Sergei thought he could forgive himself for his crimes as a teen cage fighter if he rescued enough kids from similar situations. Now he doubts it, but the institute won’t surrender its most effective vigilante to his dreams of retirement. With a prayer to his spirit guardians, Sergei vows this rescue will be his last…one way or the other.

Sergei’s final mission squeezes him between the loyalty to his childhood comrades and the hope of a simple life. Is Katya part of Ito’s expansion into human trafficking, an innocent in need of rescue, or possibly the one who will share his new life? Will Katya choose redemption, or will her wicked programming jeopardize the mission and Sergei’s life?


Katya? Katya, are you still in my head?

Yes. Her mental voice is small. Her body curls into a ball, her face hidden in her arms. If we had pillows and blankets, she would be beneath them. The desire to provide them for her surges in my chest with a ferocity that threatens to burn me. Katya has always been Ito’s treasure. She only has eyes for him, right?

Can I rescue you? I mean… I know what Ito said, but…if I get out, will a trip to find you be wasted?


What? Was that a yes, you will leave with me, or yes, my trip will be a waste of freedom? Please tell me you want a chance to live outside of these bars.

Sergei, I’m not leaving Ito behind.

We can go to the authorities. We can shut down Scorpion’s Beak around Ito and collect him from the rubble. Give me a chance.

Katya’s fingertips poke through the metal grating between us. When they brush my shoulder, I flinch to the opposite corner. As much as she needs the contact, I’m not the man to provide it. Unfortunately, Ito’s back it to her so he doesn’t see her need.

I can’t, Sergei. The authorities are bought as I was bought from my mother. I wasn’t snatched like you, and neither was Ito. We belong to them through a bill of sale. Save yourself. You don’t belong here.

And you do?

I’m broken—

So am I.

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Featured BOOK 3

Title The Spy Who Loved My Russian Tea Cakes

Author – Marilyn Barr

Genre – Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Series – The Spiritual Spy Book 2

Book Series Trailer –

Book Blurb

Reiki Practitioner Cassie Morgan is the black sheep of her family. She would rather work over the Christmas holidays than answer her family’s interrogation about her non-existent love life and career choices. She assures herself it has nothing to do with the handsome coma patient, Sergei Chekov who stars in her dreams.

Sergei wakes from blackness and dreams of a siren’s call. He isn’t sure who he can trust when the woman from his dreams walks into his room with his favorite childhood treat to jog his memory. Despite his attraction to her, he must escape to safety.

Cassie is heartbroken and left with nothing but questions. Who was the woman who convinced her to wake Sergei? Why is the FBI involved? And will she ever see Sergei again or will she be left to pine over the spy who loved Russian tea cakes?

She is the woman of his dreams - by fate or his enemy's design?


“Of course, but I’m not a nurse. I’m the Reiki—”

“Yes, the spiritual healer. You are the one I meant to find. I knew it the minute I saw you.”

“Great, then lead the way.” I gesture to the stairs behind her and regret not asking her if she would prefer the elevator. Together we shuffle at a snail’s pace.

“My Sergei’s room is the first one at the top of the stairs, dearie.” She puffs with each step. I reach out to help her, but most of our residents find a helping hand to be a dig against their independence. I push open the door to the hall and wait for her to step through. She then waits regally for me to open the door to her son’s room. “Sergei is in bad shape. He needs you to wake him up. He’s in a coma, you see.”

“If he’s not consenting, then I don’t think I can—”

“He would want your help. I know it. As his only relative, I give consent on his behalf. You are his only hope.” She’s on the brink of tears. Her gnarled hands tangle handfuls of her sweater set like she’s wringing out a washrag. My heart pounds. Coma healing is a gray area in the number one rule of energetic healing. Never journey on someone’s behalf without their consent. Would Leslie fault me for calling her so soon after she left?

“Please, for a mother’s love.”

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Featured BOOK 4

Title Strawberry Shifters Book 2: Round of Applause

Author – Marilyn Barr

Genre – Paranormal Romance

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Series – The Strawberry Shifters Book 2

Book Blurb

Aurora Turner embarks on a post-graduate adventure to find her forever family only to be captured by the Sluagh, soul-sucking Fae exiles. While she is grateful to be rescued by the Strawberry shifters, her Prince Not-So-Charming is a little hasty when he starts picking out their wedding china.

Destiny gives James Martin a second chance at love. Aurora may prove to be more of a hazard to herself than the Sluagh ever were. He has the daunting task of keeping her away from sharp objects, and from ogling his best friend, Nate.

Nate Wagner is shocked when Aurora passes the prophesized shifter smell test identifying her as his mate. The beta male competes against the mature courtship skills of James with his own modern twist.

However, will his devotion to James keep her out of his arms or will they create their perfect family—one they never dreamed of?


“Thank you for the offer,” I say after taking a deep breath, “but I decided to go through with the surgery. I need to own this. I hope you both understand.”

“I have been advising everyone the surgery is what you needed. I knew what was best for you,” James says placing his hand on my shoulder. Something about the gesture makes me feel suffocated. I shrug his hand off and push Nate’s hands away.

“You don’t get to do that,” I say looking James in the eye, “this is my consequence for my actions.”

“Of course, we both will comfort you as you grieve—” Nate starts.

“You don’t get to do that either,” I say acidly, “who said I needed to grieve? I will have to relearn a lot of tasks, but I want the challenge. I want to live. I want to live as a stronger version of myself. I want to be the girl who survived a month of torment to cut herself from the chains.”

“We are sorry it happened to you,” says Nate.

“Yes, we feel sorry on your behalf,” adds James.

“That’s the problem,” I thunder. “If you were listening, you would know I’m not sorry. You don’t have the right to be more upset, more offended, or more…more…anything, than me! You can’t take this away.”

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Featured BOOK 5

Title Smoother Than Spumoni

Author – Marilyn Barr

Genre – New Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Series – Boys of Strawberry Book 0

Book Blurb

Susie Larkin is a dolphin shifter and heir to the humble Larkin’s Dairy Dip on Seagrass Island, FL. Pedaling ice cream from bicycle carts on the beach is just a stepping-stone for this future CEO of a frozen confection empire—or so she hopes.

Frank Paulino Jr. receives his first taste of freedom from Strawberry, KY in a summer internship at Bart’s Oyster bar. His pasta creations save the restaurant when red tide poisons the fresh fish of the bay, making him the most popular werewolf on Seagrass island.

Frank and Susie uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only the wildlife of the area but also their lives. Can these two shifters put their ambitions aside long enough to give their relationship a chance, or will Frank pay the ultimate price to protect Susie and the island she loves?


They move quickly, efficiently, and silently, only stopping to check over their shoulders every few minutes. When the exchange is complete, the truck starts again. Even though it is dark, without headlights they navigate unerringly through the native swamp.

“That was weird. You thought it was weird right?”

“Yeah, I want to know what is in those barrels.”

“Let’s leave it alone. We have been gone for months and have no idea how this area has changed. Let’s go home and ask our parents or Wilson.”

“Why? When one look at the label will answer all our questions? Besides, the truck has already left.”

“They could return.”

“As shady as they were acting, they aren’t coming back. Come on—”

“No way, Susie Q. We are going home.” Her voice shakes as she lays down her ultimatum. She can’t abandon me here in case I succumb to Red Tide on the swim home. However, tears have already started rolling down her cheeks. My bestie is terrified.

“You are right. Let’s go ask,” I say calmly. Why upset her more when I can bring a braver companion tomorrow? Surely a demon-slaying werewolf won’t be scared of a few barrels?

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Available in Paperback as The Wild Rose Press’s One Scoop or Two Anthology #13 – Sweet Treat with DM Grant’s Orange Dreams and Murderous Schemes. Sweet Treat Paperback One Scoop or Two Anthology Volume 13 -

Author Biography

Marilyn Barr currently resides in the wilds of Kentucky with her husband, son, and rescue cats. She has a diverse background containing experiences as a child prodigy turned medical school reject, published microbiologist, special education/inclusion science teacher, homeschool mother of a savant, certified spiritual/energy healer, and advocate for the autistic community. This puts her in the position to bring tales containing heroes who are regular people with different ability levels and body types, in a light where they are powerful, lovable, and appreciated.

When engaging with the real world, she is collecting characters, empty coffee cups, and unused homeschool curricula. She is a sucker (haha) for cheesy vampire movies, Italian food, punk music, black cats, bad puns, and all things witchy.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 12, 2021

Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing a bit about yourself and your books! I really enjoy them.

Marilyn Barr
Marilyn Barr
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for hosting! I love working with you.💝

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