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Meringue Snowflake Magic by @TenaStetler is a Christmas and Holiday Festival pick #romance #giveaway

Title: Meringue Snowflake Magic

Author: Tena Stetler

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mystery

Book Blurb:

After being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Wynter Dahl finds herself with a new name and new home. Whisked into the Witness Protection program she finds herself in the Podunk town of Raven’s Hollow, Colorado. She has more than one secret to keep and is not sure who she can trust, though the deputy sheriff is hard to resist.

Braydon “Blaze” Nightwing, owns Dragon Fire Pizza and takes his job as deputy sheriff seriously. He means to protect his town and its residents, including the mysterious newcomer. He rescues her after a tumble and finds himself in over his head. He senses she’s more than she seems but so is he.

When her cover is blown and her life is in danger it will take the whole town to save her and their annual holiday festival and cookie contest. What is Christmas without a little magic?


The wind had changed direction, and the pretty ice crystals were like tiny needles buffeting her face. She looked up and down Main Street and saw only one stoplight. Finally, she turned around and walked backward for a few yards. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see her street. She started to turn around, her foot slipped on the curb and arms flailing, down she went with a thud. Clutching her precious box of goodies in front of her, they were safe. However, the mug of hot chocolate popped the lid and sent hot chocolate in all directions, including all over her brand new bright-colored parka and the sidewalk. When she tried to get up, each foot went in a different direction, then down she went again. Getting to her knees, she crawled to the sidewalk, carefully got to her feet, and tried to brush the wet snow off. The damp material stuck to her. She began to shiver as the wind whipped around her.

“Hey lady, you all right?” A man stopped his SUV in the middle of the road and jumped out. “That was quite a spill you took.” He smiled wide, picking up her mug and lid. “But I see your goodies from Candi’s place are still intact. Let me give you a ride. You’re going to freeze as wet as your clothes are.” He held out his hand. “Braydon Nightwing, but everyone calls me Blaze. I own the pizza place a few blocks down the way.”

When she reached for his hand, her arm shook. Her teeth chattered as she tried to say her name. “Wynterrr.”

“It’s warm in my SUV. Please tell me where you’re going. I’ll get you there.” He pried her fingers from the box, helped her over to the vehicle, and opened the passenger door. Warm air rushed out of the SUV, caressing her face.

Please don’t let him be a serial killer. Slowly, she reached behind her and patted her waistband. Shit. Why didn’t I bring my weapon? Getting in a car with a stranger wasn’t smart. But the warmth emanating from the vehicle was inviting. Death by serial killer or freeze. She crawled into the SUV and huddled in front of the heater vents.

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Share a holiday family tradition:

Decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, we play Christmas Music, sing along and hang all the ornaments from over forty years on the tree. Each one has a special memory tied to it. We also sip hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies.

Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood?

A heart-warming tale of magic, holiday festivals, second chances, cookie contests and two great cookie recipes!

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $75 Amazon (US or Canada) Gift Card.

You must have an active Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to be eligible. Open internationally.

Runs December 1 – 31

Drawing will be held on January 3, 2023.

Author Biography:

In my past lives I’ve been a savings and loan branch manager, a paralegal for a criminal law firm, IT Manager for an electrical contracting firm, DJ for a classic rock radio station, and now a published author of paranormal romance/mysteries. After trying on many hats, I finally found the one that fits the best. Or in other words, love making things up to entertain others. LOL

Colorado is home; shared with her husband of many moons, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a fifty-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, her time is spent kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors.

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Dec 15, 2022

Thanks! & my favorite tradition is watching Christmas movies with my kids


Tena Stetler
Tena Stetler
Dec 09, 2022

Thanks for showcasing Meringue Snowflake Magic!! Happy Holidays!


Dec 09, 2022

I can't wait to read this, Tena - on my Kindle, as I work my way through all my holiday books.

Tena Stetler
Tena Stetler
Dec 09, 2022
Replying to

Wonderful, you are going to love Meringue Snowflake Magic and the delicious cookie recipes! Happy Holidays!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 09, 2022

Thank you, Tena, for sharing your new release in our Christmas and Holiday Book Festival!

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