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5 stars for Metalsome Holiday by Katie Baldwin #bookreview #rockstarromance #romance #mustread

Title: Metalsome Holiday

Author: Katie Baldwin

Genre: Rockstar Romance, Holiday Romance


Book Blurb:


Tray Jones is used to women falling all over him. He’s a rock star, after all. But he makes one mistake with the sexy Tatum Blackmore, and she’s ready for war.


Tatum Blakemore divorced her husband, moved to a new city, and opened a café. Starting over at forty-two has been at once exhilarating and terrifying. Who needs a man anyway? At least that was her mantra until she met a mostly naked Tray Jones, and her world tilted on its axis. And then the sexy man insults her!


Will Tatum hate him for good? Or will the holidays and a snowstorm change her mind?


My Review:


A huge misunderstanding has rockstar Tray Jones and Tatum Blakemore at odds. Will a holiday snowstorm give Tray the opportunity to prove himself to Tatum or will he get coal in his stocking? Metalsome Holiday is such a fun rockstar romance. The romance is enemies to lovers, all stemming from their meet cute. Misunderstandings are king in this romance which I found delightful. The descriptive narration is detailed. The characters, though, are the #1 reason why I inhaled this book in one sitting.


Let’s start with the characters. Tray is a mega rockstar. He’s sweet, funny, and confident. When he meets Tatum, she has no idea he’s a rockstar. Talk about a turn-on. Her constant rebuffing him is not, however. Tray is a wonderful hero who I love rooting for.


Tatum is such a contrast to handsome Tray. She’s forty-two and divorced. You guessed it, she’s one jaded woman. But the attraction is real. Can she forgive his mistake and realize he’s a good man? I felt for Tatum the whole time I read this book. She’s got issues but then again, don’t we all. Love comes in many delicious packages and when we least expect it.


The writing is what drew me in and kept me invested. Katie Baldwin writes passionate romance you’ll swoon over. I fell hard for this couple.


If you love rockstar romance, you’ll adore Metalsome Holiday. Highly recommended!


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Katie Baldwin is an award-winning author who loves Rock & Roll, rescuing dogs and a good strong latte. By day she is a mild-mannered researcher at a well-respected university. By night she writes kissing books that are sometimes spooky! When she is not pacing her home and working out dialogue in her mind, she is reading Romance, Horror, and Mystery books by her favorite authors. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram waxing eloquently about her love of canines and all the books. Check out her website for other interesting facts.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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