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5+ stars for Mightier Than Magic: A riveting romantic fantasy adventure #yalit #romanticfantasy #ku

Title: Mightier Than Magic: A riveting romantic fantasy adventure

Author: G.S. Kenney

Genre: Romantic Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, YA Fantasy, YA Romantic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

In a world ruled by magic, eighteen-year-old Katie is a princess who has none. Katie is so shy that her mother, the queen, mockingly calls her ‘Mouse.’ Her only real talent is getting around her mother’s castle unnoticed. Alone and unloved, she befriends Alaric, the foreign mage-king who is her mother’s enemy and prisoner. Cleaved from his magic, Alaric hopes to negotiate for his release and for a way to end the long, brutal war between the two kingdoms. Drawn to his vulnerability and his principled stand, Katie shares his desire for a just peace. Alaric negotiates a settlement with the queen that hinges on one condition: He must marry one of her daughters with magical abilities. Not the magicless Katie. The agreement is sworn on an oathstone—and to be forsworn is to die. When Alaric teases the tiniest bit of magic from Katie and announces that he will marry only her, the queen is livid. In mortal danger, Katie and Alaric flee for their lives. Click 'Look Inside' to see whether Katie’s blossoming magical ability can bring an end to the war—or destroy Alaric and all she loves.

My Review:

Is love mightier than magic? Wow, I am astounded by this book. Blending fantasy and fairytale with an epic world-building experience, Mightier Than Magic will make you a believer. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Fantasy readers rejoice, your new binge-read adventure awaits you.

Let’s start with the characters. Katie is a wonderful heroine to read. She’s the nonmagical sister in a household of magic. An outcast who not even her mother, the queen, sees fit to notice. My heart went out to her time and again. Alaric is a prince from a warring kingdom come to sign a treaty for peace. The queen seals the deal offering any of her daughters for him to marry. When he picks Katie, the queen is furious. But you see, these two are in love and nothing can stop them. A classic fairytale retold in glorious fashion. The characters are so well written, they leap from the pages and into your heart.

The world-building is written with a professional’s hand. It’s complex, immersive, and a true epic experience. You’ll think you’re in an IMAX theatre while reading.

I am a die-hard fantasy reader. Mightier Than Magic ranks as one of the top reads of the year. Trust me, you’ll want to read this book. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

Author G. S. Kenney writes romantic speculative fiction novels. Her first science-fiction romance novel Freeing Eden, published by Soul Mate Publishing, was a 2018 RWA Golden Heart® finalist. The Last Lord of Eden and A Warrior of Eden, also in the Ascent of Eden series, are now also available.

G. S. Kenney started reading early, and never stopped. In kindergarten, drawn in by a book with a picture of three witches at a cauldron, she learned to read by starting with Shakespeare's Macbeth and is in awe of her mother's patience. Now she writes stories of her own (and still loves Shakespeare). Interested in many fields, she studied the “Great Books” at St. John’s College, architecture at Harvard, and financial planning at Boston University. She has also conducted post-doctoral research in psychology at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, and developed software systems in use all over the world.

In addition to writing, G. S. Kenney is an avid photographer and world traveler, along with her husband, the love of her life. When not "on the road," they reside in Marin County, California, where a dream of having a lemon tree of their very own has somehow morphed into an entire citrus orchard. They have two children, a grand-dog, and two grand-cats. And a wonderful, tiny grandson, their newborn first.

You can learn more about G. S. Kenney's books, travel, and photography on her website at

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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