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5 stars for MilliM by @LisaPelissier #middlegrade #dystopian #kidlit #mglit #humorous #bookreview

Title: MilliM

Author: Lisa Pelissier

Genre: Humorous Middle-Grade Dystopian

Book Blurb:

Ten-year-old Millie is obsessed with evenness, from the height of her pigtails to the distribution of butter and syrup on her waffle. Fortunately for Millie, she lives under the governance of the Council of Benevolence, an entity that seems to be just as consumed with conformity and evenness as Millie is. When Millie and her best friend Silas find a very lopsided, very ugly baby on her front porch, Millie doesn’t know what to do. Repulsed and horrified, Millie, accompanied by Silas, sets out for the city and the brazen symmetry of the Council of Benevolence, sure that they can make everything right again. It is only while she is there that she discovers that what you see is not always what you get.

My Review:

Millie craves symmetry so her world turns upside down when a baby shows up on her doorstep. Everything has a purpose, an evenness, and for Millie, all things, people, and objects need to be even. Even something as simple as her pigtails need to be the essence of symmetry. She’s not as odd as you might think because she lives in a world governed by the Council of Benevolence. One day Millie and her best friend Silas discover a very uneven baby on her front porch. Millie has never seen such an ugly baby before. She’s conflicted about what she should do. The only logical thing Millie comes up with is to bring the baby to the Council. They’ll know what to do. But the result causes more turmoil for Millie. What to do? Is there another way to live than what she’s been doing all along?

MilliM is an original middle-grade dystopian story, unlike anything I’ve read before. Most of the dystopian books published is either young adult or adult. Lisa Pelissier presents an authentic dystopian for kids and it’s a fantastic story from start to finish. Children will connect with Millie and identify with her predicament. I certainly connected with Millie and enjoyed her view on life. The descriptive narration draws the reader into the story. The plot moves at a kid-friendly pace, yet adults will follow along with ease. The length of the story is pretty long for a kids book but its pacing keeps the reader invested. There are certain themes to this story many kids and adults will relate to. MilliM is a poignant look at society through the lens of a ten-year-old child. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Lisa Pelissier lives in Oregon where she is a homeschool mother of four and self-published author of three middle-grade fiction novels. Lisa owns SneakerBlossom Books, offering Christian, classical homeschool study guides and curriculum. She also works as a freelance copy editor, substitute teacher, and tutor. Lisa graduated from Biola University in 1992 with a B.A. in Christian Education with dual emphases in music and elementary education. Lisa worked as an editor and analyst for Kelley Blue Book for 26 years before devoting herself to writing. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys making art, playing the piano, and fretting about things over which she has no control.

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Twitter - @LisaPelissier

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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