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5 stars for Mist and Moonbeams: Stories from the Great Lakes Edge by Paul Michael Peters #fiction #greatlakes #shortfiction #bookreview

Title: Mist and Moonbeams: Stories from the Great Lakes Edge

Author: Paul Michael Peters

Genre: Fiction, Short Fiction


Book Blurb:


Dive into the enigmatic allure of "Mist and Moonbeams: Stories from the Great Lakes Edge," a captivating collection of five short stories that traverse the heart and soul of the Great Lakes region. Each tale is a testament to the power of human emotion, the depth of the human heart, and the indomitable spirit of adventure that lies within us all.


Love in Her Two-Hearted


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Sonny, a widow who navigates the untamed wilderness of the Big Two-Hearted River. In her solitude, she confronts the rapids of grief and the wilderness of her own heart, seeking a peace that seems as elusive as the river itself. This stirring novella celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of nature.


You Can’t Start A Fire With Moonlight


Under the mesmerizing glow of a super blue moon by Lake Huron, Michelle and Christopher find themselves entangled in a forbidden love that challenges everything they thought they knew about desire, loyalty, and betrayal. This tale of lost love and the quest for redemption is a haunting exploration of the choices that define us.


Confessions of an Efficient Cause


In the bitter winter of 1992, Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline becomes the backdrop for a dark conspiracy that threatens the lives of young students. Follow Detective Manuj Hemottia as he unravels the mysteries of a sinister organization, diving deep into a case that tests the limits of his determination and courage. This gripping story weaves together elements of mystery, suspense, and the unyielding quest for justice.


A Hummingbird in Winter


Discover the future complexities of love and identity with Dash and Cynthia, whose budding romance in the heart of Toronto challenges the very essence of what it means to truly know someone. This poignant futuristic tale delves deep into the secrets that bind us, the truths that define us, and the love that transforms us.


Careful, Icarus


In the shadowy corners of Cleveland, Spider and his crew embark on a daring heist that could elevate them to the top of the criminal underworld. But at what cost? Torn between ambition and his love for his daughter, Spider's journey is a thrilling narrative of risk, redemption, and the fine line between dreams and delusions.


"Mist and Moonbeams: Stories from the Great Lakes Edge" weaves together the rich tapestry of human experience with the mystical allure of the Great Lakes. Each story invites you to embark on a journey of love, loss, discovery, and redemption, where the only constant is the profound connection between the human spirit and the natural world. Discover the magic, mystery, and majesty of the Great Lakes region through these unforgettable tales.


My Review:


The set of five stories is craftily written. With the link being the Great Lakes,  that is all that you can pinpoint. Each story is an amazingly different genre. You have emotive fiction, sci-fi, crime drama and more.


The stories are short but so well written that the reader is drawn in immediately. The short stories have the richness of a full novel. An excellent collection of works to read sitting on the dock on a summer afternoon on Lake Superior.


Lake Huron - While not a story that appealed to my interests, it is beautifully done. My Huron experiences are better, though, I do admit birds are everywhere but I love what they do.


Lake Ontario - A spectacular story that I loved every moment of. Brilliant sci-fi that I would read again and again and again.


Lake Michigan - Fans of Chicago P.D and FBI shows will just love this story. It has everything you want. There will be times when you are wondering where Voight or Maggie is...


Lake Erie - If you are a fan of Snowfall or even the older classic Breaking Bad, then this lake story is for you. Another incredibly well written story that shows the story that was told about California in 80s is a story about life south of Lake Erie too.


Lake Superior - Where someone might go for a visit if they are using the Ten Commandments as a checklist? An excellent drama/adventure story that will keep the reader going until the end. Remarkable writing here.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Paul Michael Peters is an acclaimed American author, masterfully weaving narratives that traverse the realms of thrillers, suspense, and the beautifully unexpected. Renowned for his adeptness at crafting compelling twists and delving into life's quirky tangents, he invites readers into worlds both startlingly dystopian and intimately human.


His upcoming works for June 2024 promise to further cement his reputation. 'Right Hand of the Resistance' is a riveting political science fiction thriller set against a backdrop of a dystopian border crisis, challenging the very essence of the golden rule. Meanwhile, 'Mist and Moonbeams: Stories from the Great Lakes Edge' is a collection of enchanting short stories, each a tribute to the majesty and mystery of the Great Lakes. His first non-fiction work, “Business Advice for Emerging Leaders: Mastering Core Principles with Truisms and Actionable Worksheets.”


Paul Michael Peters recent offerings include 'Broken Objects,' a poignant historical fiction narrative following Linnea Karlsson’s coming-of-age during the Gilded Age, and 'Combustible Punch,' a thriller that explores the psychological entanglement between a serial killer and a high school shooting survivor. His portfolio also boasts titles like 'The Symmetry of Snowflakes' and 'Insensible Loss,' each a testament to his narrative versatility and depth.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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