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New Release | Mortar and Pestle series by seven top-rated authors #99cents #99c #romance #ku

A wisp of smoke, a swirl of promise, a breath of destiny…a message within the Mortar & Pestle for those who want to believe.

Throughout time people have sought their heart’s desire. But true love is often elusive.

Carved with ancient Norse runes, the Mortar & Pestle shows paths to happily-ever-afters.

Once you capture the Mortar & Pestle’s scent of magic, you’ll want to read all seven individual romances.

Book 1

Title: Selkie: An Enemies to Lovers Viking Romance

Author: Sydney Winward

Genre: Fantasy Viking romance

Book Blurb:

No one has ever managed to capture a selkie. Until now…

On their wedding day, Klaus Lovik’s bride is stolen by an enemy chieftain. He will travel to the ends of the earth to find her, and in desperation, he captures a selkie and uses her as a bartering piece. But the selkie’s magic is powerful enough to drown entire islands, and if he’s not careful, he might find himself in a watery grave.

Mayla Brior is gifted with the power to shed her seal skin, enabling her to walk on land. But when a man robs her of the pelt, she is forced to follow his commands, endangering her skin, and preventing her return to the sea.

Venturing into enemy territory, Klaus and Mayla bond, escalating their relationship into more than adversaries. He realizes his pending nuptials are a dreadful mistake. But it might be too late to choose another path, especially when he knows he has to eventually let her go.

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Grab your copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Sydney Winward is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author who dabbles in the occasional historical fiction. She loves building complex worlds filled with magic, strong characters, and emotional stories that can make you laugh and cry.

Sydney is the author of The Bloodborn Series and the Sunlight and Shadows Series. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, thinking about stories, or going on adventures with her children. She lives in Utah with her husband and three amazing kids.

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Book 2

Title: Seeker: A Scottish Medieval Enemies to Lovers Romance (March 9, 2023)

Author: Jean M. Grant

Genre: Scottish medieval romance

Book Blurb:

Aileana Montgomerie’s bloodline holds valuable gifts of foresight and healing, but with each honor comes a curse. Even though she is descended from the mystical isles’ folk, she lacks the ability of the Scottish Ancients and wonders if she belongs in a magical family. Aileana just wants a purpose. What good is her bow and arrow if she is denied the right to fight for her clan? Brodie MacDougall is ordained to be the next war chieftain of his clan. The title is a privilege as long as his brother, the future laird, doesn’t expect him to lift a sword and charge into battle. Chronic pain and nervous vapors force him to spend his days alone. Can his strategic skills keep him one step ahead of his conspiring brother? Through a magical Mortar & Pestle, Brodie finds his heart’s desire. But there’s a catch. The seat on his brother’s council is no longer dependent upon his health…but on Aileana’s strength. With rumblings of unrest among their clans, will their love foster an alliance or be a step toward war?

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Grab your e-copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Who am I? It depends on the day, or who asks, or what I’m doing. I have a penchant for the misunderstood: sharks, microbes, or characters with a wounded past to name a few. My background is in science — biology, marine biology, microbiology, and immunology — I do love “-ologies.” I married a scientist, too, and go figure, my kids adore science as well. My first love was sharks (the Oceanic Whitetip is my favorite). Then came germs – viruses & bacteria are amazing predators just as much as those big-finned ones. After an enlightening first job in the science arena, followed by publication of multiple scientific journal articles, I moved on to the stay-at-home mom life, sprinkled with a few other part-time jobs along the way. In 2017, I leapt full-time into writing with the publication of my first book, A Hundred Kisses.

Check out my bookshelf page or magazine page for current releases in books and magazines. I write where my heart takes me…be it a paranormal journey through historical Scotland, a pit stop in a small town contemporary romance, or mother-son road trip. I also write for non-fiction/travel websites highlighting getting outdoors/traveling with children.

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Book 3

Title: Quartermaster: A Paranormal Pirate Adventure (March 14, 2023)

Author: Marilyn Barr

Genre: Paranormal pirate romance

Book Blurb:

Catalina He violated me. Don Rodrigo took my family’s business, home, and titles, but he will never own me. I’m on the run. He’s threatened to expose my secret. My last hope is to intercept the ship carrying my dowry before our match is permanent. Trusting pirates to give me a fair share is foolish but not as much as staying on the same island as my attacker… Chub The letter from our arch-nemesis was written in feminine calligraphy but our nutmeg Captain Teeth didn’t notice. Blimey that because the author of the letter is my lady love. I’d bet my last doubloon. If only she didn’t shrink away from my touch… Killing every scoundrel who dared to hurt her isn’t helping…but it cools the rage I hold inside. Can Chub teach Catalina to assemble her shattered fragments into the strong woman she wants to be or is she too broken to believe in herself? Will she accept a pirate’s promise of true love or was the Mortar & Pestle’s message too late for lonely Chub to claim his lady love?

Trigger Warning: Rape before the story starts (not on the page and not by the hero)

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Grab your e-copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

I have a diverse background containing experiences as a child prodigy turned medical school reject, published microbiologist, special education/inclusion science teacher, homeschool mother of a savant and advocate for the autistic community. This puts me in the position to bring tales containing heroes who are regular people with different ability levels and body types, in a light where they are powerful, lovable, and appreciated.

I currently reside in the wilds of Kentucky with my husband and son. When I'm engaging with the real world, I'm collecting characters, empty coffee cups, and unused homeschool curricula. I love to read paranormal romance as much as I love to write it. Connect with me on Goodreads to find out what I am reading.

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Book 4

Title: Sea Hunter: A Paranormal, Action Adventure, Romance on the High Seas (March 16, 2023)

Author: D.V. Stone

Genre: Paranormal romance

Book Blurb:

On the turbulent high seas, an archeologist must protect a historic shipwreck from treasure hunters—not fall for one. Zahra Corbyn.

I’m a Sea Hunter. As an underwater archeologist and professor of antiquities, it is my duty to stop treasure hunters and looters from raiding Sea Wraith. But fate is a funny thing. Now I find myself working with Jack Alexander, a treasure hunter, to protect history from a known looter. Did my heart’s desire change?

Captain Jack Alexander.

I’ve been told women on a ship are unlucky, but this one has the two pieces of the map I need to finally claim Sea Wraith. Now I find myself in a deal that makes me one-third partner with her and a known scoundrel.

Can the two unlikely allies work together while safeguarding their hearts against the power of the Mortar and Pestle?

If you like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, you’ll love Zahra Corbyn and Jack Alexander.

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Grab your e-copy for only 99 cents or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

I'm D. V. Stone. I love to read books of all kinds. This passion began at a very early age. My mom will tell you I never played with toys like dolls or blocks. Toddling around there was always a book in my hand. From the Little Golden books of childhood I grew into children's literature like Heidi and Black Beauty. Then came the horse books. Seabiscuit and War Admiral. Misty of Chincoteague was a particular favorite. Animal books have always been one of my go-to genre. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot started me on a series that I still return to from time to time.

J. R. R. Tolkien is one of my inspirations as a fantasy author along with C. S. Lewis. But in my heart, I love romance in all its sub-genres. I found these gems in my late teens when I passed a bookstore on my way to work from high school in Minnesota. Living on a dairy farm was tough. My dad had a heart condition and died of cardiac arrest when he was 37 years old. I was 17. My mom and I had to run the farm and take care of the younger kids. We didn't make a lot of money farming. I had a part-time job to help make ends meet.

Romance novels became my escape. They always had a happy ending and took me away from the troubles of life. Through the years books have been my constant companions and I often revisit my old friends, as well as make new ones. My dream is that you will find the same things in the books I write.

Life is tough. Love can be hard. But with hope, we can get through.

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Book 5

Title: Revamped: A Vampire Comedy (March 21, 2023)

Author: Shirley Goldberg

Genre: Paranormal romantic comedy

Book Blurb:

Vampire Dante Allegretti hates his sucky life. Born into a family of energy siphoners, he’s desperate to reinvent himself as a fun-loving normal guy rather than a crowdsourcing parasite. To stop the draining urges, Dante resorts to grinding alternative meds in an ancient Mortar & Pestle, not knowing it contains magical properties.

Enter wisecracking thirty-year-old Sophie Arley, who lives with her clingy parents. Working three jobs and craving independence, she’s come back strong after a breakdown crashed her cozy world. So when the weird, hot guy she just met-cute asks Sophie to the movies, she agrees.

Sophie won’t spoil their magical connection by mentioning her heartbreak. And Dante dreads telling Sophie about his dark side. Will the power from the Mortar & Pestle guide them to their happily ever after despite the secrets and lies?

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub)

Grab your e-copy on sale for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

I write romantic women’s fiction, stories about men and women of a certain age starting over.

Middle Ageish, Eat Your Heart Out, and A Little Bit of Lust are the three books in the Starting Over series. The third, A Little Bit of Lust, released on December 7th, Pearl Harbor day.

And, if you think it's easy to begin again, ask Dante, the hero of my first paranormal romance, coming in 2023. He's an energy vampire who hates being an EV. Revamped is part of the Mortar & Pestle romance series with six other authors.

By the way, my friends nag me to spill my secrets. Which dating stories are true and which are fiction? Did I date twenty-five guys like my character, Sunny? Read more on my website, link below.

That so many folks these days go on to new and different jobs and a new love is a tribute to our strength and resilience. Human beings are amazeballs, as those younger than I might say. (There. I said it too.)

I’m a former ESL and French teacher who’s lived in Paris, France; Crete, the largest island in Greece, and Casablanca, Morocco, where I served in the Peace Corps.

If I had a favorite saying it would be: Never leave home without your sense of humor. My website offers a humorous look at living single and dating in midlife.

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Book 6

Title: Trickster: A Redford Falls Story (March 23, 2023)

Author: Darlene Fredette

Genre: Contemporary romance

Book Blurb:

Can she heal the trickster before he breaks her heart?

Working for a top modeling agency is Jade Parsons’s dream job until her boss suffers a heart attack, and his son temporarily fills his position. Eric’s push-pull approach fuels her frustration. While anticipating the troublemaker’s imminent departure, Jade’s destiny is revealed through a magical mortar and pestle, leaving her heart tormented by whispers of a different fate.

World-renowned photographer Eric Martini returns home to restore his relationship with his estranged father, but wounds from the past haunt him. Enchanted by his father’s feisty assistant, he masks his heart and refuses to give in to desire. Convinced his destined future is already written in the stars—and doesn’t include Jade, Eric’s only choice is to walk away.

Will Jade and Eric find the courage to trust the mythical and smokey signs before their paths are severed forever?

Buy Links (including Goodreads)

Grab your e-copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Darlene lives with her husband, daughter, and Yellow Lab on the east coast of Canada. An avid reader since childhood, she loved to put a pencil to paper and plot out stories of her own. Her writing is a combination of heartwarming, contemporary romance and plot-driven page-turners. When Darlene isn't writing, you'll find her reading, visiting the the Valley, or sitting outside by the fire pit with her family on a warm summer evening.

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Book 7

Title: Artist: A Second Chance Romance (March 28, 2023)

Author: Ginny Frost

Genre: Contemporary romance

Book Blurb:

Lexi Pintari is stuck in a dead-end cubicle job that is slowly killing her. She tucked away her passion for art when the love of her life ghosted her after college. Witnessing her lack of motivation, Lexi’s best friend drags her to an art retreat for much-needed reflection and inspiration. Though knowing her ex-boyfriend is an artist-in-residence there, Lexi agrees to go. Unfortunately, her metal-goth style and enthusiasm for graphic comics clash with the pastel-scarf-wearing, tea-sipping participants, making her ex the least of her problems. Cole MacDougall is blocked. His rise to the top of the modern art scene is crushed by a missing muse. He is desperate to paint again, but the canvas remains blank. Due to the shortage of patronage revenue, he is forced to put up with the groupie-students. Until he sees a woman standing out like a sore thumb in ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Lexi. Hope blooms that he can renew his passion through her. For two weeks, Lexi and Cole work together, discovering what they’ve lost professionally and personally. Will a magical Mortar & Pestle show them how to connect the broken lines and seal their destiny?

Buy Link

Grab your e-copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Ginny Frost writes contemporary romance with a sexy, funny kick. In her down time, she plays clerk at the local library—the perfect job to feed her reading addiction.

She lives in upstate NY with her very own kindhearted ogre, their two smart and sassy daughters and an evil cat named Flash.

Social Media Links:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 07, 2023

Thank you, ladies, for sharing the launch of your new series today! We can't wait for each book's release.

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