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5 stars for Murderous Means: A Southern California Mystery by Lida Sideris #cozymystery #bookreview

Title: Murderous Means: A Southern California Mystery

Author: Lida Sideris

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Book Blurb:

Corrie Locke may not be the best rookie lawyer in town, but when it comes to catching a killer, let’s just say, she’s got enough skills to bring a band of shifty-eyed suspects to their knees.

When the wealthy matriarch of the dysfunctional Means family dies in her sleep, the family is convinced her death was anything but peaceful. They hire Corrie to prove it, but the only evidence they have to go on is a psychic’s half-baked vision that it was murder. To put the matter to rest, Corrie sets her sights on proving the psychic is a fraud. After all, everyone knows psychics are crack-pots, don’t they?

But what should be a simple investigation morphs into something deadly. The deeper Corrie digs, the more bizarre clues are revealed, and a possible witness is found dead. As tempers rise, it’s up to Corrie to catch a killer… who’s about to strike again.

My Review:

The travails of Corrie Locke continue in this fresh new chapter of this beloved series. Many of us have grown with our fave character since her early days to today. She is the feisty firebrand who will create a great P.I. firm almost by the force of her will.

This mystery is profoundly interesting. It starts out seemingly simple but continues to confound right to the end. Good luck to fans of mystery who like to guess who did it early...this book keeps you guessing.

The style of prose makes one think of the classic Bogie and Bacall, The Big Sleep. Rarely today does a modern mystery writer evoke a comparison to a timeless classic. This book has done this with perfection.

Excellently crafted characters keep this book flowing. You have your core of zany but effective team members and all the new ones from this story. The descriptive nature simply draws the reader right into the scenes.

Fans of this detective series will want to own this book. After reading this, you will want to see what happens next for Corrie and her crew. A really enjoyable read that I recommend.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Lida Sideris is the author of the Southern California Mysteries. After graduating law school, Lida managed to snag a newbie lawyer’s dream job: working as an entertainment attorney for a movie studio…kind of like her heroine, Corrie Locke… except without the homicides. Lida is a recipient of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America Scholarship Award and a 2x Killer Nashville, Silver Falchion Award finalist. Lida lives in the northern tip of Southern California with her family, rescue dogs, and a flock of uppity chickens. To learn more, please visit

Social Media Links:

Twitter/X: @lidasideris

Instagram: @lida_sideris

Reviewed by: Mr. N


Lida Sideris
Lida Sideris

WOW! I don't think a review can possibly get better than this. I think my work is done and I can retire now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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