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5 stars for My Father: Convicted Child Molester and Wife Beater #metoo #memoir #abuse #bookreview

Title: My Father: Convicted Child Molester and Wife Beater

Author: Dr. Mary Faltz

Genre: Memoir

Book Blurb:

Nicolas, a charismatic Christian figure, a sacrificing husband, and a hailed hero. But who is Nicolas really? What is hiding behind the smile of this seemingly generous father of six? What is his darkest secret?

Following her mother’s death, Mary felt the urgent need to understand exactly what had happened to her estranged mother. She embarked on a painful quest to dig up 30 years of archives, but what she discovered was beyond anything she could ever have imagined…

This book will enlighten you to a far too common reality for many people. Be it psychological, physical or sexual abuse, My Father will leave you wondering how on Earth nobody reacted to obvious signs of violence over decades. It will give you the needed push to regard society’s labels as assets rather than a weakness or failure. But most of all, it will encourage you to question the status quo in an often, blind and greedy society.

My Review:

First off, you can't help but cheer for this brave woman. She has beaten some of the worst things in life and come out on the other side alive and kicking. Kudos to her for her win over cancer. After an incredibly cruel and awful upbringing, it must have seemed like the universe was out to get her. She persevered and got to the bell-ringing stage. So happy for Mary and that part of this book should give inspiration to others battling cancer.

The second part of this book is the details of the life of her scumbag father she was attacked by. On a strictly personal note, I would love to have five minutes alone with this 'tough guy' and see just how powerful he is against a strong man.

Mary is a bigger person than a lot of us can be. She forgives and forgives and sees others as victims too. That is such a rare gift of insight and compassion. That has to be applauded. Basically, all of the members of her 'family' have done unforgivable things. It wouldn't be wrong of her to leave forgiveness to another higher party...once long-term purgatory is completed.

A book that needs a trigger warning. The descriptions of abuse, both physical and sexual, may impact people. A very personal look into a person's very personal life. The reader can't help but feel that writing this book was also very therapeutic for the author. If you are a victim of this kind of abuse, you may find solace in this book. That Mary has survived all this and lives a good life is the shining standard for the human spirit. If you read the first book, you must read this second one. A very well written and poignant book that will reach you deeply.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Dr. Mary Faltz is a clinical research scientist and an accredited pharmacist. The second born in a family of six children, she is a survivor of child sexual abuse that lasted 16 years. Pushed to the extreme by her abuser, she finally gathered all her courage and pressed charges when she turned 26.

At the age of 37, she is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer that she is determined to outsmart. She is a single mother to four beautiful children, and she knows that her late daughter, who is her guardian angel is watching over her. She is determined to reach out and guide people to find their inner strength to get through any adversity life throws at them.

Mary is an accidental author. She wrote a book within 8 weeks while undergoing cancer treatment. She has been quiet for too long. In the face of her own mortality, she felt the urgent need to stand up and speak, loud and clearly.

Upon waking up from a long, complicated surgery, only to learn that her cancer had spread, she started typing her book on her hospital bed. She didn’t realise that she had so much to say until she wrote page after page. Cancer is only one chapter of the book and without cancer, the other chapters could never have been written.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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