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5 stars for My Friend Richard: A True Ghost Story #paranormalmemoir #paranormal #memoir

Title: My Friend Richard: A True Ghost Story

Author: William Hart

Genre: Paranormal Memoir; Nonfiction Narrative

Book Blurb:

A close friend of mine, maybe the brightest student in our high school of four thousand, came to see me some years back. He came as a ghost with a favor to ask, renewing a friendship that continues a decade later.

Richard has the same immature young adult personality he had when he died in a Haight-Asbury fire in 1970. But as a spirit he can travel very far very fast, appear and disappear at will, or shape-shift into a feisty moth. He enters locked homes to visit loved ones, sometimes projecting powerful images into their minds. Annoyed, he’s a smelly, destructive nuisance. Sometimes he’s affectionate.

Anyone wanting to know more about ghosts will find a wealth of firsthand information in this true narrative, which follows the life and afterlife of my artistically gifted but dismayingly self-destructive buddy. For adults and young adults.

My Review:

Presented as a true ghost story, this book is also a tribute. The friendship between the author and Richard has never stopped. The exemplary sharing of the life of Richard is a tremendous honor for a friend. Everyone who reads this book will know that Richard lived life hard and fast and sometimes that is the road people take.

The life of Richard did remind me of Bon Scott. He didn't stay around long but when he was there, he flashed across the sky like a bright comet. That is similar to the life of Richard. If you believe in ghosts, then you will love this book.

If you are curious about the hereafter, then you will enjoy reading this book. If you just want to read a book about ghosts because you are a fan of ghost will enjoy this book.

A tale that stands on its own merit. It is the story of a friendship that never stops and about a man who lives words, memories, and perhaps in a house in the hills.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

William Hart is a novelist and poet living in Los Angeles. After earning a doctorate in English from the University of Southern California, he taught college writing courses in LA and wrote. Now he writes--fiction mostly--while helping produce the documentaries of filmmaker Jayasri Majumdar, his wife. Hart's work has appeared in several hundred literary journals, commercial magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, and fourteen books.

Reviewed by: Mr. N

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