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My Heart Weeps by @psthib is a Binge-Worthy Festival pick #inspirationalwomensfiction #giveaway

Title: My Heart Weeps

Author: Pamela S Thibodeaux

Genre: Inspirational Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

After thirty years married to the man of her dreams, Melena Rhyker is devastated by her husband's death. Relief comes in the form of an artist's retreat at the Crossed Penn ranch in Utopia, TX. She rediscovers a forgotten dream as her artistic talent flourishes into that of a gallery-worthy artist. Will she have the courage to follow the path she was destined to travel?

Garrett Saunders has been on the run most of his life. Abused and abandoned as a child, he escapes the clutches of a past filled with pain and shame, and hides from his calling as a Native American healer. His years as a CIA agent aid in overcoming his childhood and honing his talent and skill as a fine art photographer.

Follow their journey as two people who come from totally different backgrounds, but share gifts of gigantic proportions, find meaning and purpose in the Texas Hill Country.

Excerpt: (One of my favorite scenes!)

She arrived back at the ranch just as guests started to gather around the wagon for the evening hayride and bonfire. Garrett waved her down.

“Coming on the hayride?”

Melena shook her head.

“Ever been on the hayride with us?”

“Not yet.”

“Then come on. I’ll wait for you.”

She sighed. “I’m really kind of tired.”

A frown creased his brow. Garrett raked a hand through his hair and adjusted his hat. “Won’t take no for an answer. Park your truck and come on.”

“Maybe next time.” She started to ease away.

He slapped a hand on the door to halt her escape. “Melena, don’t make me come after you.”

She looked at him wide-eyed, then narrowed her gaze. “What did you say to me?”

His eyes lit up. That darn dimple danced in his cheek.

“It’s my duty as a cowboy and a gentleman to never let a lady cry for long. You’ve done enough of that for one day.”

How could she refuse?

Melena parked her truck, pocketed her keys and went on her very first hayride. She admired how Bill Penn wove stories around the history of the area in with feeding the longhorns. Afterward, they travelled to a nearby state natural area where the guests wandered down to a creek and skipped rocks. Melena sat on a small boulder and drew in the scent of fresh, crisp air, earth and flowers.

Sounds magnified in the pristine environment as daylight waned and dusk edged in, leeching color from the sky. The trickling of the stream as it moved across its bed. Plop, plop of stones hitting the water. A quiet laugh. The click of a camera as Garrett wove through the guests taking pictures. A bird trilled in the distance. Doves cooed. Frogs began their evening song accentuated by the occasional hoot of an owl. A hush fell over the entourage and stillness ensued.

Garrett touched her arm and pointed to a thicket across the way. Melena gasped as a doe and fawn stepped out and drank. Once the pair moved on, the group loaded back onto the hay wagon and returned to the ranch. Relaxed and happy, they congregated around the campfire area while Garrett and Bill Penn stacked wood. Soon, a fire lit up the night sky. Crickets and chickadees kept cadence with the country music provided by an outdoor stereo. Garrett brought Melena a s’more. Rich, dark chocolate and marshmallow oozed out between graham crackers.

“Thank you.”

He grinned. “Aren’t you glad you came along?”

She laughed. “Not that I had much choice, but yes, I’m glad.”

“Much prettier with a smile on your face and a light in those sexy green eyes,” he remarked, then walked over to tend to the fire.

Nerves quivered in her chest, stole her breath. Melena finished her s’more, then excused herself and escaped to the bunkhouse. The pungent odor of smoke clung to her hair and clothes, so she took another shower, donned pajamas, and then laid her garments over the porch rail to air out. She curled up in the bed with her journal...

Just as the three-and six-month marks hit hard, so did the ninth. I barely made it out of bed this morning. But by the grace of God and the compassion and understanding of the friends I’ve found here, I made it through another day. Another month. Now if I can get through the night...

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What’s the first binge-worthy book you read and why was it a must-read?

Oh my that’s a hard question! I love everything Nora (Roberts) but picking a single book of hers, even a single trilogy, is ‘bout near impossible. Therefore, I’ll mention Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. This book covers every emotion known to man and pretty much every sin. You will weep, you will laugh, and you will close the book with a renewed (or perhaps new) faith in the awesome healing power of God, and man’s, love.

What makes your featured book a binge-worthy read?

Anyone who has lost someone they love knows how debilitating grief can be. Written ten years after my husband died, My Heart Weeps parallels my own journey through this valley of death but also shows there is hope and LIFE on the other side of grief.


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Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Open internationally.

Runs August 1 – 31.

Drawing will be held on September 1.

Author Biography:

Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.” Sign up to receive Pam’s newsletter and get a FREE short story!

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @psthib

Amazon Author Page:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
14 ago 2020

Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your book in our Binge-Worthy Book Festival. It's such a beautiful story and I truly loved!

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