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My Weekend with Death by @AngeliqueJots is a BHW pick #monsterromance #pnr #halloween #bookboost









Book Blurb

Is love strong enough to conquer even death? What about a heart of stone?


When the Angel of Death needs a weekend off, she rips Errat off the side of a building in downtown Chicago, infuses him with heavenly ichor, and makes him a substitute for forty-eight hours—in name only. Ecstatic to be free, he promises to do exactly as the Angel of Death asks in hopes of remaining alive after the weekend. Under no circumstances will he reap any souls and yield the Kiss of Death on anyone. His only desire is to spend time with the beautiful punk-rock woman who visits him often.


She hasn’t shared her plan for peace with anyone—not even her grotesque friend with whom she talks so much. For twenty years, these voices inside of her head have kept her from focusing on anything, and she is designing an app which needs to be coded. Halloween is this weekend—the night with the thinnest veil between this world and the next. She will implore all the forces of the universe to take these voices away from her.

But is her stone friend coming to life a sign for the better or worse?

Will this chilly Halloween romance set her free, or will it be the end of both their lives?


She eyed me sideways. “Why do you want to be a reaper so badly, punk?”

“Not necessarily a reaper; but free to fly around the city skies and to live a little bit. And I can do both at the same time if you want me to. Please let me stretch my wings and soar. I want to move. I promise to do a good job for you. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it exactly.”

“It’s not about what to do as much as it is about what not to do.” She looked up to the brightening sky. “If I gave you enough ichor and energy to animate you for forty-eight hours, to make you a blip on the radar and fool everyone into thinking I was still here, I might be able to take a weekend off.” She inspected her bare wrist as if some sort of timekeeper were there, but I couldn’t see anything. “A few souls might be late pick-ups, but I can still get them all.”

I could have jumped out of my concrete prison. “I’m in!”

She turned to glare at me, and her eyes held a slight red glow of warning to them. “But you can’t reap anyone. No one. Nothing. Not even a pigeon, do you hear me?”

“You reap pigeons?”

“No. But my point is there are some people who want to be reaped, and they can be really hard to avoid—like they have a sixth sense when we’re near.”

I held up my hands in a makeshift spiritual salute of honor. “I wouldn’t dream of reaping any souls. Or pigeons. I’ll only fly about the city. I need to soar freely. I need to live.” Truth be told, I needed Zosia.

She sighed heavily but grinned at me, nonetheless. “It took you long enough.”

What was that supposed to mean?

Before I could ask her, her face grew stern and she placed her hands on her hips. “I mean it, Errat. Do not reap any living creature! Don’t even touch anybody, and for the love of all that’s holy, don’t kiss anyone on the mouth. Because if I agree to this, you’ll wield the kiss of death.”

Her words stunned me into momentary silence. “You reap souls by kissing all of your assignments to death?”

She looked over her shoulder as if to make sure no one was listening. “Only the ones who look like they know how to properly wield a pair of lips. The rest I merely blow kisses to, but that’s a signature move which took me ages to perfect. Listen to me carefully, gargoyle, kisses can be unpredictable. They can grow wild, or they can grow gentle. They can start as chemical and convert to emotional or vice versa. Kisses are dangerous.”

“Got it. No kissing.” Anticipation energized me. “Let’s do this.”

She nodded once. “Okay. An angel for an angel, or a winged creature for a winged creature at the very least.”

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Runs October 1 - 31 and is open internationally for many prizes. Winners will be drawn on November 1, 2022.

Author Biography:

"Universal Love. Timeless Romance."

Angelique Migliore is an off-beat romance author for open-hearted readers who adore fantastical tales featuring relatable Universal Loves and Timeless Romances. Angelique's fast-paced and seamless stories are full of vivid characters who fall hard in love and live life to the fullest, however endearingly flawed they may be. Grab a warm beverage and be prepared to laugh, cry, swoon, and sweat along with her diverse cast. Your new clever and engaging friends can't wait to meet you!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 12, 2022

Thank you, Angelique, for sharing your halloween romance with us!

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