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Announcing the 2022 N. N. Light Book Awards - Finalists #books #bestbooks2022 #bookawards #bookish

The staff at N. N. Light's Book Heaven review a wide variety of books and 2022 was no different. We read and reviewed over 1,000 books this year. As the year draws to a close, we award the best books of the year (December 2021 - November 2022). Each of these books was given a 5 star or 5+ star review by N. N. Light's Book Heaven and they are highly recommended reads. Narrowing down to these finalists was a difficult process for the staff from N. N. Light's Book Heaven debating which books deserved the coveted finalist and winner awards. These are the finalists:


Hide and Seek by Jo Hiestand

Home in Wylder by Jane Lewis

Trial of a Warrior by Mary Morgan

Beach Read:

Sand, Salt & Spirits by Kathryn Hills

Matt’s Mystic Connection by Katie O’Sullivan

Children’s Books:

Paula the Busy Bee by Shani Night

The Heart of a Lion by Shani Night

Contemporary Romance:

Rocked by Grace by M.J. Schiller

Wild at Heart by Stacy Gold

Win Place Show by Liz Crowe

Cozy Mystery:

Hidden Gem: The Secret of St. Augustine by M.S. Spencer

Diamonds, Dunes & Death by Louise Stevens

The Case of the Missing Botticelli by Marilyn Baron

Dark Romance:

Reign of Desire by A.G. Kirkham

Ghost by AG Kirkham

Reign of Rapture by A.G. Kirkham

Erotic Romance/Romantic Suspense:

Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon by Marie Tuhart

Sorrento Seduction by Hanna Park

Deceptive Hearts by Kristal Dawn Harris

Fantasy Romance/Romantic Fantasy:

Heavy Heart by Rochelle Wilcox

Salted Caramel Bliss with a Wedding Kiss by Cherie Colyer

The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven by Jennifer Ivy Walker

Fiction/Literary Fiction:

The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker

The Ultimate Village Game by Beth Merwood

Ursamer by Karina McRoberts

Historical Fiction:

Winds of Discontent by Don Meyer

That Dickinson Girl by Joan Koster

Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family by Cathy Burnham Martin

Historical Romance:

Superstar by Beth Henderson

A Governess Should Never…Deny a Duke by Emily Windsor

False Pretences by Rosemary Morris

Historical Western Romance:

Felicity’s Fortune by Kara O’Neal

Sound of a Wylder Silence by Marilyn Barr

Break Heart Canyon by Gini Rifkin

Holiday Romance:

Saturday Santa by Kate Moore – best book of the year 1

Meringue Snowflake Magic by Tena Stetler best book of the year 1

Sasha’s Secret Santa by Peggy Jaeger


The Seven Hungers: Blood Grove by Morgan Quaid

Web of the Succubus by Andrew P. Weston


Witch’s Knight by Evelyn Silver

Defending Jessica by Benna Bos


20th Century Man: Carl Yeary by Carlene Havel

Finding Karen Black by Diane Bay

Travels with Maurice by Gary Orleck

Middle Grade:

Space Kids - The Journey of Hope by Alan Nettleton – best book of the year

Atticus Everheart, Fifth Grade Tutor and Monster Hunter? by C.L. Colyer

Shadows by the Lighthouse by Melissa Puritis


Driveway Detailing Warrior by S.L. Lucas

The 2-hour cocktail party by Nick Gray

How to Write a Funny Mystery by Beth Daniels

Paranormal/Paranormal Fantasy:

The Spear Alight by Judith Sterling

Paranormal Romance:

Go Scorch Yourself by Marilyn Barr

Syre by KyAnn Waters

The Gryphon and His Thief by Karen Michelle Nutt

Regency Romance:

When We Dance by Alanna Lucas

Desperate Daughters by Alina K Field et al

The Forgotten Daughter by Caroline Warfield

Romantic Suspense/Thriller:

Curse of Wolf Falls by Brenda Whiteside

Shattered Promises by Linda Trout

Jagged Feathers by Jan Sikes

Short Story:

My Weekend with Death by Angelique Migliore

The Race by John Russo

The Family Way by Pauline Baird Jones

Steamy Romance:

Ask Me Nicely by Dania Voss

Securing His Mate by Laura M. Baird

The Bar Scene by Ginny Frost

Sweet Romance:

Reinventing Riley by Liz Flaherty

Everything’s Coming up Daisy by Nancy Fraser

Ella by Nancy Fraser


Deadly Deception by Mary Martinez

Fatal Hunt by Michelle Godard-Richer

The Swords of Blood & Gold by JCR Paulino

Time Travel/Time Travel Romance:

Tremors Through Time by Anastasia Abboud

An Angel’s Wylder Assignment by Tena Stetler

In Time for Christmas by Casi McLean

Urban Fantasy:

Raven’s Edge by JD Dane

The Silver Double Cross by Debra Martin

Warzone: The First Mission by Deandre Kralevic

Vampire Romance:

Bloodbane by Sydney Winward

Destiny’s Rogue by Linda J. Parisi

Young Adult:

Jexter Bladebrace and the Exalted Kingdom by Jamie Smartkins

Chosen by Night by CC Bolick

Discovery of the five senses by KN Smith

Best Audiobook Narrator of the Year

Callum Hale

Dawson McBride

Alan Manson

Best Book Cover of the Year

Waltzing with the Earl by Alanna Lucas

A Drizzle of Trouble by Jo A. Hiestand

A Portion of Malice by Lloyd Jeffries

Best Book of the Year

The Spear Alight by Judith Sterling

Jexter Bladebrace and the Exalted Kingdom by Jamie Smartkins

Meringue Snowflake Magic by Tena Stetler

Best Indie Book of the Year

Space Kids - The Journey of Hope by Alan Nettleton

Heavy Heart by Rochelle Wilcox

Curse of Wolf Falls by Brenda Whiteside

Best US Author of the Year

Lucinda Race

Judith Sterling

Best Canada Author of the Year

A.G. Kirkham

Michelle Godard-Richer

Nancy Fraser

Best International Author of the Year

Andrew P. Weston

Alan Nettleton

Jamie Smartkins

Congratulations to all the finalists.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, December 22, 2022.


Andrew Weston
Andrew Weston
Dec 21, 2022

Congratulations everybody. And wishing you all every success 😉


Marilyn Baron
Marilyn Baron
Dec 15, 2022

So excited to be a finalist in the Cozy Mystery category for "The Case of the Missing Botticelli." Congratulations to all the finalists.

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