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No Insurance for a Miracle (A Claus for Christmas) by Sarah Lamb is a BHW pick #sweetromance


No Insurance for a Miracle (A Claus for Christmas)


Sarah Lamb


Sweet romance

Book Blurb

When Pressman’s Christmas Tree Farm goes up in flames only weeks before Christmas, Stuart seeks help from his insurance agent. However, he wasn’t expecting her to be a female version of Scrooge.

Alison doesn’t like Christmas and could care less about the upset man in front of her, handsome or not. Fresh trees are wasteful, bad for the environment, and what kind of grownup makes his living in selling Christmas cheer?

Other than giving the minimum payout, she doesn't have any personal interest in the case. To be honest, she hates Christmas. It’s filled with nothing but bad memories.

Stuart is praying for a miracle. Allison just wants to put the whole season behind her. Then she discovers some of the reasons Stuart is so desperate to save his farm and make it a success.

Will Allison let herself get caught up in the magic of the season? Can a Christmas miracle really happen not just for him, but her too?

Multiple authors are bringing you sweet, clean Christmas romance books to fill you up with holiday cheer!

1. Christmas

2. Love

3. Joy

4. Family

5. Lots of romance

11.24: All We Left Unspoken - T. Thomas

11.28: Make You Feel My Love - Bonnie J Poirier

12.01: The Coffee Claus - Taylor Jade

12.05: No Insurance for a Miracle - Sarah Lamb

12.12: A Room at the Inn - Becca Sands

12.15: The Santa Clause - Annee Jones

12.19 - Written in the Snow - E.S. McMillan

12.22: Christmas by the Mile - Tamrin Banks

12.25: If Tomorrow Never Comes - Bonnie J Poirier

12.26: Gingerbread - Miski Harris

12.29: A Lost Claus - Chloe James


Allison stared at him. She didn’t mean to, but the guy was crazy. “This wasn’t your fault,” she said. Then quickly added, “Most likely. It’s not like you tried to let anyone down. They are just trees,” she said, “they grow. People will find another place to get their trees. Christmas will still come, and you’ll recover. In a year or two, it will be like it never happened.”

He shook his head then. “It’s clear you don’t understand,” he told her. “Even if my customers get trees elsewhere, and remember me to come back the following year, that’s not what matters. Christmas isn’t just about trees, Allison. It’s about making memories, and feeling happiness and joy.”

They stopped beside her car and he gave her a long look. “It seems you don’t know too much about those things,” he said, his voice low. “So I guess you wouldn’t understand, and that’s why you just keep calling them trees.”

With a nod of his head to her, he said, “Thanks for your help.”

Before she could answer, he’d gotten into his truck and driven off, heading back into town, his words echoing in her head.

Allison pressed her lips together to hold back her anger. She understood plenty about Christmas and memories. They were one thing she’d never been able to get rid of.

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Author Biography

Sarah is wife to an amazing teacher and mom to two boys who are growing up just a little too fast. Her day job is helping others to become writers, while she squeezes in each spare moment she can on her own books. She spends her days working and writing in the Blue Ridge Mountains and planning her next trip to Disney World.

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Dec 07, 2023

Added to my wish list--thanks!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 06, 2023

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your new release with us! It's such a delightful Christmas romance.

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