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Only a Good Man Will Do by @DeeSKnight is a Love and Romance Book Festival Pick #romance #giveaway

Title: Only a Good Man Will Do, Book 1 of the Good Man series

Author: Dee S. Knight

Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Blurb:

Seriously ambitious man seeks woman to encourage his goals, support his (hopeful) position as Headmaster of Westover Academy, and be purer than Caesar's wife. Good luck with that!

Daniel Goodman is a man on a mission. He aims to become headmaster of Westover Academy. For that he needs a particular, special woman to help him set high standards. Into his cut and dried life of moral and upright behavior, comes Eve Star, formerly one of Europe's foremost exotic dancers. Her life is anything but cut and dried, black and white. Daniel is drawn to her like a kid to chocolate. Nothing good can come of this attraction. Or can it? He is after all, a good man.


Daniel stood. “Shall we talk in the kitchen?” The woman sighed, but led the way.

“I feel so awful for that boy,” she started, lifting the coffee pot and raising her brows at Daniel.

“No, thanks.” Daniel leaned against the counter and stared at the woman. With only the light over the stove casting a glow, her hair shone like an auburn halo. Her head bowed to blow on the hot liquid in her cup. Full, round breasts rose and fell with each breath, tempting him to touch. Her narrow waist and curvy hips were pure sin and there wasn’t anything he wanted to do more than press her against him and explore every curve. He’d never get the chance, considering how tangled she was with Michael Haynes and The Bare Moose.

“Feeling awful. Is that how you happened to put both him and yourself at risk by becoming involved with him?”

Her head snapped up, and eyes he’d fantasized glazed with lust a brief moment ago now flared with fire. “We’re not involved. He said it, we’re friends. My—” she stopped, looked away, took a breath, looked back, “—my son, Timmy, and I were in the park by the river one Sunday last June. I was painting. Michael stopped to talk. We saw him several times in the park after that. I didn’t see any harm.”

“Didn’t see any harm? The boy’s infatuated with you, couldn’t you tell? Besides, The Bare Moose is a long way from the river.” Fifteen miles from the park, light years from Westover Academy.

She lifted one shoulder and let it drop. “One Sunday I took a picnic and Michael joined us. He always seemed so alone. When he asked if I knew how to cook pot roast and I said of course, he looked … I don’t know, wistful. So I asked if his parents would mind if he came to my house for supper the following week, and he assured me they wouldn’t. I didn’t think it was all that wrong. Until the school year started, I didn’t know he attended Westover and he hasn’t visited here since then. He’s never been inside the tavern, and I certainly don’t give him alcohol.” Her eyes flashed again. “I promise you, we don’t engage in anything racier than passing the mashed potatoes or cutting hair.”

Daniel frowned. “Cutting hair?”

“Yes. I thought he looked a little shaggy one day, so I cut his hair. Look, he plays with Timmy and tells me jokes and stories. I teach him art. We’re company for each other. There’s nothing more to it.”

Daniel hadn’t gotten past Eve’s cutting Michael’s hair. He could feel her fingers raking through his own hair, skimming his scalp, skating the tips of his ears. His cock rose, hard and throbbing, not caring that he and Eve were strangers and that impressionable children were mere feet away.

“So, you were a dancer?” She blushed, and the certainty of what caused the blush made his dick ache even more. He’d bet the tassels on his mom’s old pasties that he knew exactly what kind of “dancer” Eve Star was.

Evening Star. He could picture what her costume looked like. Battery-powered star headdress to illuminate her path to the center pole, silver lamé cape sailing behind like the tail of a comet, shimmering bra, panties and high, high heels that showed off her sexy-as-hell legs. He'll bet she made every man in the room salivate and want to become an astronomer so they could examine her heavenly body up close. Just like Daniel wanted to do right then. The kitchen counter was just the right height to…

He shook his head to clear the image of fucking her senseless on her spotless kitchen counter.

“Dancing’s behind me. I run the tavern now.”

At least she can do that with her clothes on. Before he commented further, they heard a sound from down the hall. Eve dashed off. Daniel followed more slowly.

Daniel stopped at an open doorway and watched Eve cuddle a snuffling child on her lap.

“It’s okay, my darling, I’m here.”

Quickly, the child stopped stirring and Eve placed him back in bed.

“Mama loves her baby,” she said in a low voice.

Daniel stepped uninvited into the room and walked to the dresser. A framed photo of a smiling dark-haired man caught his eye. “Your husband?” He studied the photo.

“Timmy’s father.” She brushed the boy’s hair from his forehead and came to stand beside Daniel.

She fidgeted, shifting her weight from foot to foot. “Let’s go. He’s asleep now.”

Something about the photo wasn’t right. The man looked familiar, maybe an actor or… In a flash of disbelief, he removed the backing from the frame.

“Wait—” She reached out, but too late to keep Daniel from seeing the printing at the bottom of the folded page indicating the frame was sized four by six and cost nine-ninety-five. God damn. She had kept the picture that came with the frame to show Timothy his "father." What kind of woman was this?

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

In erotic romance, I get to write about true love—which I think is really important in our everyday lives—but I can enhance it with some spicy stuff. There might have been a time when erotic romance wasn’t accepted, but today, the erotic side of romance can be a big part of the HEA we all look forward to.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Make time with your special someone as special as they are. Take time to do something out of the box. Usually eat dinner in front of the TV? Set the table every now and then and maybe add candles, napkins, glasses of wine. Make the night something to remember.


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Author Biography:

A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex. She is the primary persona of three pen names—triplets, if you will: Dee, Anne Krist, and Jenna Stewart.

As noted above, Dee S. Knight writes erotic romance—emphasis on the romance! She was part of an anthology named a Top Pick in Romantic Times magazine (Resolutions) and the sole author of another Top Pick designation, for the paranormal erotic romance, Passionate Destiny.

Regardless of the name she uses to write during the day, their dream man, childhood sweetheart, and long-time hubby are all the same guy. What happens during their nights are their secret.

For romance ranging from sweet to historical, contemporary to paranormal and more join the girls on Nomad Authors. Sign up for Dee’s newsletter with Jan Selbourne and have access to fun free reads. Also, once a month, look for Charity Sunday blog posts, where your comment can support a selected charity.

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Congrats. A wonderful novel that is a must read. Callie



Love the excerpt, Dee!

Oh, I agree, variety is the spice of life ... ;)


N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Dee, for sharing your book in our Love and Romance Book Festival. Loved your romantic tip. Changing up your routine and doing something different for a change is a great way to be more romantic.

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