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4.75 stars for Playing Her Song by @AuthorKeyes #romanticsuspense #romance #bookreview #newrelease

Title: Playing Her Song

Author: Kimberly Keyes

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance with suspense elements

Book Blurb:

Sometimes a fresh start means going back home…

When Julia’s carefully constructed life takes a sudden, demoralizing nose dive, she flees to the small town of her youth. She finds the perfect landing place–a furnished cottage on a private estate in the Blue Ridge foothills. Then she learns the owner-resident is Jackson Tate—her high school crush, and until recently, the source of her greatest humiliation.

Jackson, the small-town boy-turned-rockstar, never forgot Julia, nor the mistake he made causing his one-time math tutor to vanish from his life. Jackson avoids all but the most superficial entanglements of the female variety. Yet one look at Julia and he’s determined to win back the friendship he lost.

Julia’s ancient grudge can’t withstand Jackson’s lethal combination of humility and charm. But what about her teenage crush? Especially one not so one-sided after all…

My Review:

Sitting down with this book is like sitting down with a slice of chocolate layer cake. One can only be impressed at the delicious layers that make up this romance. Rare can one compliment world-building in a romance but the intricacy of the world-building here has to be highlighted.

The depth of character building is impressive. Even the lesser characters are rich and full and add great value to the story. If you are familiar with the common themes to the Big H movies then this book will appeal to you. This isn't a simple commonplace story, though. Kimberly has used impressive creativity to weave a very original approach.

There is only one caveat from this reader. Having gone in expecting a contemporary romance, there is a blindsiding that comes out of a plot twist. Romance suspense is one of my total fave genres. If a book isn't accurately identified, it could turn off a portion of the audience.

Fans of this author will love this book. Fans of angsty romance will love this book. Fans of HEA will also enjoy this book. A fine addition to the romance field.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

Kimberly Keyes’ fascination with spicy romance novels began when she discovered a box filled with her mother’s Harlequins. She quickly devoured all the books in the box, and soon after decided that one day she would be a romance author herself. After earning a Master’s degree in History, Kimberly combined her passion for writing with her knowledge of the Victorian era and dove into her career as a historical romance author. In no time, she added writing contemporary romance to her resume. The result? Award winning novels featuring steamy scenes, complex relationships navigating the global stage, and story twists and turns that keep readers turning pages. Published in both Historical and Contemporary romance, Kimberly happily spends her time writing and dreaming up ways to perplex the characters living inside her head until they have no choice but to give in to the lure of true love. Her release, Playing Her Song, is a sexy and fun contemporary she can’t wait to share with her readers. Kimberly currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her faithful canine companion, Pappillon, a rescue off the streets of Puerto Rico. It’s a gift to find the one thing you’re meant to do—a gift Kimberly never takes for granted.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


Barbara Bettis
Jun 10, 2022

What a great compliment on your character building, Kimberly! Way to go :) Best of luck with the book.


Kimberly Keyes
Kimberly Keyes
Jun 09, 2022

Mrs N thank you for your beautiful, thought provoking review! This will probably sound ridiculous, but I hadn't realized my book was a romantic suspense!! I will add that to its classification and I thank you so much for pointing that out! And thank you for the wonderful comments on my writing and characterization and world building. That warms my heart to no end, Mrs N!! <3

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