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5+ stars for Poppy by P.L. Parker #scifiromance #scifi #alieninvasion #bookreview #ku

Title: Poppy

Author: P.L. Parker

Genre: Science-Fiction Romance, Alien Invasion

Book Blurb:

One of six genetically altered females, Poppy was bred to be a healer. Like her half sisters, she’s strong and fast, gifted with elevated hearing and keen eyesight, and far too intelligent for her own good. Eradicating the alien invaders is high on her list of to-dos, but saving humanity far outranks anything else. When the soldier, Reese, disrupts her well-ordered discipline, she finds a new direction.

My Review:

Poppy may be a healer for others, but can she heal her broken heart with the help of Reese? This is book two in the series, and I am addicted. Not only is the heroine of this book gifted with strength and toughness, she’s also intelligent and is a healer. I love the complexity of the plot, the intricate world-building, and the multi-faceted storylines. There’s plenty of danger ahead for the characters but their interplay makes this book unforgettable. Both sci fi romance and post apocalyptic romance readers will love this book.

It starts and ends with the world-building. P.L. Parker creates a world that is futuristic yet totally believable. Aliens have invaded Earth and humanity is forever changed. Survival is paramount and this harsh reality is interwoven throughout the story. The world-building is the backbone of this book.

The descriptive narration works hand-in-hand with the world-building. There’s a feeling of desperation throughout the narration. There’s also an undercurrent of isolation as each character comes to grips with whatever is happening. Each scene is described vividly so the reader feels the stark emotions and tension.

The story of Poppy is an adventure unlike any you’ve experienced before. Brilliant from start to finish, I look forward to the next book in the series.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

P.L. Parker was born and raised in Idaho where she lives with her three sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She is an amateur Squatcher and can be found at times in the wilds of Idaho with her oldest son looking for the elusive creature.

Ms. Parker writes stories with alpha males and strong, determined women. Science fiction and time travel are her genres of choice but she has tried her hands at paranormal. Besides her stand-alone novels, she has three series: The Chimeras and The Star Brides, science fiction romances, and Time Warriors, time travel romances.

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Reviewed by: Nancy

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P.L. Parker
P.L. Parker
Jun 27, 2023

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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