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Poppy by P.L. Parker is a Summertime Books Bookish Event pick #scifiromance #summer #giveaway

Title: Poppy

Author: P.L. Parker

Genre: Scifi romance/alien invasion fiction

Book Blurb:

One of six genetically altered females, Poppy was bred to be a healer. Like her half sisters, she’s strong and fast, gifted with elevated hearing and keen eyesight, and far too intelligent for her own good. Eradicating the alien invaders is high on her list of to-dos, but saving humanity far outranks anything else. When the soldier, Reese, disrupts her well-ordered discipline, she finds a new direction.


Heads swiveled in her direction as she entered the camp, but no one made any attempt to draw her into conversation. She appreciated that small concession. She was a stranger to them, even though she was quite sure they knew who she was. It would be nice though, to be offered some assistance.

Military tents in dark green had been erected around a central campfire, with smaller fires spread throughout the area. Cooking fires, she guessed.

With a nonchalance she hardly felt, she wove her way through the campsite, nodding greetings to those who offered the same. Most were unknown to her, but she recognized a face here and there.

“Did you come to visit with Catori?” Aponi stepped from the shadows. The light from the setting sun reflected in her dark eyes. “I’m afraid she’s out gathering herbs right now, but she should be back soon.”

“I…I’ve been meaning to pay the camp a visit and today seemed a good time. Not much going on in medical right now.” She offered a bright smile as her gaze traveled over the surrounding area. She shifted her feet, feeling awkward and unsure. “I thought Native Americans lived in teepees,” she added lamely. “I don’t see any of them around here.”

Aponi giggled, the lilting sound feminine and young. “Not in a long time. Too easy to spot overhead. The green tents blend with the vegetation better.”

“Duh. Sure. Makes sense.”

“You seem nervous,” Aponi observed. She slipped an arm through the notch at Poppy’s elbow. “Relax. You’re like a stick. Why don’t I give you a tour and introduce you to some of the others? I know they’re interested in meeting you. The other sisters have been here off and on, and Sage most consistently, but this is the first time most of them have seen you.”

With great reluctance, Poppy allowed herself to be drawn along. By the cheerful voices and myriad greetings, Aponi seemed to be a popular figure. A rambunctious group of children kept pace with them, lightly touching her arms, faces bright with curiosity as children always seemed to be. The feeling was one of acceptance. Warmth. Never comfortable in new situations, Poppy was finding it hard to respond to their overtures.

Several introductions later, she was no closer to finding Wolf than she’d been when she first entered the camp.

She drew a breath. Time to put on the big girl panties. She modulated her voice, trying to sound casual. Mildly interested. “Do you…do you know where Wolf is staying? I heard he moved down here.”

“He did,” Aponi grinned. “He’s been so great with helping us to settle in. Keeping us informed as to the goings on in the compound. Lending a hand with the animals. That sort of thing.” She waved her hand towards a tent on the rim of the encampment. “His and Winona’s tent is just over there.”

Poppy’s heart rate elevated as her stomach flipped. “Wolf and Winona’s tent?”

Aponi pulled her along, almost dragging her. “Yes. They just moved in together a few days ago. Winona’s my cousin on my mother’s side. She lost all her family to an alien demon. Very sad,” she added, as an afterthought.

“Very sad,” Poppy whispered.

A small cooking fire was on the far side of the tent. Poppy froze as it came into view. Wolf, her darling Wolf, and a young woman were seated next to each other near the campfire, talking animatedly. They hadn’t noticed Poppy’s and Aponi’s approach. The woman, a girl really, maybe a few years older than Thyme, was leaning against Wolf’s shoulder, one hand resting on his forearm. Seeming lost to the outside world, they were focused only on each other. Intimate. Affectionate. Immersed in each other as only loving partners could be.

For several heartrending moments she just stared, her fogged brain trying to make sense of what was before her. It was too much! She stumbled back, spinning on her heels. Hot tears washed her eyes, making it hard to see. She had to get out of here. Go back to where she belonged.

“What’s wrong?” Aponi gasped as she labored to keep up. “Why are you running?”

Poppy’s pace slowed a fraction, cognizant of Aponi’s pregnancy. She scrubbed her hands down her cheeks, wiping away the tears. “I just…I just need to get back. It’s getting late.”

Aponi’s dark head tilted, the straight black hair fell over her shoulder. She cupped Poppy’s hand between hers. “You didn’t know,” she whispered. “About Wolf and Winona.”

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

Genetically engineered by her birth mother, Poppy was bred to be a healer. But don’t let that kid you. She’s as tough as any of her sisters and gifted with super intelligence. She believes in killing aliens, but she also believes in saving as many humans as she can in the process. Reese is an infiltrator, charged with seeking out those are still surviving to add to the rebel force. When he sees Poppy, everything takes a second seat.

Giveaway –

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Open Internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to win. Runs June 20 – June 28, 2023. Winner will be drawn on June 29, 2023.

Author Biography:

P.L. Parker was born and raised in Idaho where she lives with her three sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She is an amateur Squatcher and can be found at times in the wilds of Idaho with her oldest son looking for the elusive creature.

Ms. Parker writes stories with alpha males and strong, determined women. Science fiction and time travel are her genres of choice but she has tried her hands at paranormal. Besides her stand-alone novels, she has three series: The Chimeras and The Star Brides, science fiction romances, and Time Warriors, time travel romances.

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Jun 28, 2023

My fave summer read which I reread every summer is Driven series by K Bromberg


Marisela Zuniga
Marisela Zuniga
Jun 28, 2023

This is such a nice cover!


P.L. Parker
P.L. Parker
Jun 20, 2023

Thank you Mrs. N. for including Poppy in this fun event!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 20, 2023

Thank you, P.L., for sharing your book in our Summertime Books Bookish Event!

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