5 stars for Potato Kingdom by @zak4prez911 #historicalfiction #civilwar #irish #bookreview

Title: Potato Kingdom

Author: Zach Ellenberger

Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Blurb:

Liam Bartley is an Irish boxing champion who lost his parents to the Potato Famine. When Liam's estranged brother, Owen, returns to Ireland and convinces Liam to take up their father's mantle as a freedom fighter with the Irish Republican Brotherhood, their lives are turned upside down when their secret organization is exposed by British authorities, forcing the brothers to flee separately to America where they end up on opposing sides of the Civil War. Now, Liam must do what is necessary to survive the war and find his brother so they can reunite and return home.

My Review:

Writing about the Civil War is nearly taboo in this day and age, but this author did a remarkable job using it in his plot. The story of Liam and Owen and their family and friends is brilliantly told. The twists and turns of the plot will keep readers eagerly turning pages.

As a Military Historian, I commend the author for his excellent research. The work done by Zach Ellenberger shines through in very accurate descriptions of key battles in the first three years of the Civil War. The author also gracefully places his main characters in the middle of historical places. This is done without the reader realizing it is only fiction to have Owen speaking to General Stonewall Jackson the evening of First Manassas. Extremely accurate, a pleasure to read. This shows a fiction author can use accuracy in his historical passages without negatively impacting the writing.