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Quinn & Barrett by @EllisSummers5 is an Indie Reads event pick #romanticsuspense #indie #giveaway

Title: Quinn & Barrett

Author: Ellis Summers

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Vanessa Barrett guards a secret: ancient Miwok ceremonial grounds are located on her property. Protecting this land during and after her divorce becomes a dangerous game – but not as life-threatening as accepting Quinn Grant’s engagement ring.

When pilot Vanessa Barrett falls for wealthy playboy Quinn Grant, it's clear his mobster family is against their union.

The Grant family patriarch hears about the engagement and sends Vanessa a message. He’s made other arrangements for his heir, and she's in serious danger if she doesn't back away from Quinn.

If grandfather Richard Grant has it out for someone, there's no place to hide.

Protests are fruitless. Abductions are part of the meeting process. Guns reign supreme but her love for Quinn is worth the battle.

Quinn & Barrett is a fast-paced, compelling thriller. With murder, mystery, family, and betrayal, this book has everything you can ask for. Plus a little fun and romance.


After sliding off the saddle of my white Lipizzaner horse Vienna, I put her in the corral, then hiked to the end of the driveway and opened my mailbox. A small pile of letters greeted me, but the familiar handwriting on the last plain white envelope made my heart race. The address of the yearly letter regarding my long-ago plane accident simply read: Vanessa Barrett, Pilot. Bolinas, California.

Sometimes people die when they fall from the sky. I didn't need a reminder of my misfortune. I'd never forgotten.

With a deep inhale, I tore open the flap, but before I could slide out the disparaging note, my neighbor's battered pickup bounced toward my driveway. Dust billowed from the monster tires. I couldn't imagine what Creepy John wanted.

I shoved the mail into my pocket as his truck came to a brisk stop.

A gust of blustery wind whipped through my hair, and I glanced at the dark clouds over the mountains.

“Afternoon. Can I help you with something?”

He leaned out his window. “Howdy, Vanessa. Big storm's comin’. High winds closed the bridge. Robert couldn't reach you on your cell. He called me. Said he was stayin’ in the city tonight. He wanted you to know.” His Texas drawl had become more pronounced since he retired and became a full-time rancher.

"Thanks. I was out riding. No cell service in the forest."

He looked me up and down, pausing at my chest. He snickered. "Let me know if I can help while he's gone."

My skin crawled just being around that guy. I waved him off and fortunately, he made a U-turn, heading back the way he came.

A sick feeling settled inside me. Yet another night my husband wasn’t coming home.

Why didn't Robert leave before the authorities closed the Golden Gate Bridge? There were always warnings before shutting it down — just like the warning signals before the end of a rocky marriage.

The gravel crunched beneath my boots as I led my horse from the corral to the barn. The velvety touch of her silken nose skimmed my neck, comforting me.

I rubbed between her eyes. “Let's get you settled for the night, Vienna.”

I brought some hay into her stall and brushed her long, white mane. We gazed at each other as best friends do. A glossy film filled her brown eyes.

“Don’t worry about me, V.” I found my eyes watering, too. “Robert will love me again. He just needs time.”

The wind whooshed louder, and branches slammed against the barn’s wooden sides. She looked as relaxed as ever.

“Good girl. I'll check on you soon.”

“Anybody home?” A familiar and welcomed voice asked.

Smiling, I spun around.

"Misu! Welcome, my friend."

The husky Miwok Indian was twenty years older than me, yet a hundred years wiser. He had a jolly smile on his weather-worn face, and his wet, long hair hung below an Army cap. His soaked military jacket clung to his blue jeans.

Embracing the wetness, I wrapped my arms around him. "Were you on the mountaintop?"

He smiled. "Yes, and the rain followed me here."

“I’m home alone tonight. Care to join me for dinner?”

Misu removed his hat and shook off the rain. His smile disappeared. “No husband?”

I tried to make light of the dreadful situation. “A bottle of wine and a visit from my favorite trespasser is a great substitute.” I patted Vienna’s flank and headed toward the barn door. “Come inside. Make a fire. Dry off.”

A deafening crash of thunder caught me by surprise, and Vienna snorted and stomped while Misu and I jumped closer to each other. The inside of the barn flashed with a bright light and thunder pounded so close the walls vibrated. We ran to the open barn door.

Tin cans from my target practice flew by the entry and pine cones sliced through the air.

"Lock up the barn. I've got to secure the airplane hangar," I shouted over the wind.

The heavy clank of the barn door slammed behind me, and I pushed against the wind with hail pelting my face. Misu brushed past me as I ran with arms high, protecting my head, while I struggled to catch up.

His mission in life involved guarding his tribal land and in order to do that, he felt obligated to protect me, the landowner. At least someone felt the need to keep me safe.

Together, Misu and I struggled to slide the steel hangar door shut, securing my other mode of transportation.

Misu’s husky arms held me in place while I snapped shut the padlock. Another bolt of lightning struck the nearby ocean cliffs, casting a light on the side of Misu’s concerned face.

"Let's make a dash to the house, Misu!"

We sprinted across the small meadow, past the fruit orchard, leaped over the rows in the vegetable garden, then hustled around the corral and barn. Without the protection of the forest, the wind whipped through the property.

Another crash of thunder jolted my insides. I pushed away thoughts of my husband abandoning me here and focused on getting safely indoors.

We ran up the back porch steps and entered the mudroom, shaking off our wet coats and hopping out of our boots.

I pointed toward the living room. “Start the fire and relax. I’ll make some dinner. Salmon and rice sound tempting?”


With my fingers crossed that we wouldn't lose power, I put the rice in the cooker, then wrapped two fish fillets in foil with asparagus, lemon, and spices. I popped them into the oven. After opening a bottle of wine, I poured a glass and grabbed a water bottle for Misu.

He snatched the lighter off the dining table and lit the tapered candles I always kept there. “I came to warn you against hiking alone until we figure out who — "

A loud crash, then a vibrating thud, hit the ground outside.

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Non-stop twists and turns, interesting characters and deep plotting and fun romance

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Author Biography:

I’m an author specializing in novels about fun characters with unusual lives going through dramatic situations. My stories have high stakes, twists and turns, along with a touch of romance and humor. I live along the California coast, enjoying daily walks on the beach and discovering the gardens hidden away in town.

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