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Return of the Exiles by @AnnaMarkland is an April 99c Sale Event pick #99cents #historicalromance

Title: Return of the Exiles

Author: Anna Markland

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Four warriors return from exile, all in search of vengeance. Ms. Markland has compiled four of her bestselling titles into this one-of-a-kind collection.

BANISHED Audra longs to leave behind the life of an elite mercenary, a role forced on her after her father’s banishment from the Viking brotherhood. A journey from exile to the court of King Canute offers a new life, though she fears few men will want her once her history is known.

The bloody feud that precipitated her father’s banishment resurfaces when she is unexpectedly reunited with a childhood sweetheart. Sigmar has always held her heart, but he is the son of her father’s enemy. Sigmar’s hopes for advancement in Canute’s service will be dashed if he obeys the dictates of family honor.

REDEMPTION Caedmon Woolgar discovers he is the bastard of a Norman earl and not, as he has always believed, the son of a dead Saxon hero of the Battle of Hastings. The realization that he is the epitome of everything he despises threatens to destroy him and his marriage to Agneta Kirkthwaite.

He seeks redemption by joining the First Crusade and embarks on a harrowing journey across Europe to Asia Minor.

Agneta harbors hatreds of her own for the massacre of her family and the destruction of her home—an atrocity Caedmon unwittingly participated in.

It’s doubtful love and forgiveness will triumph in a brutal climate of political and religious turmoil.

VENGEANCE Vengeance is an intense and gripping tale of love and revenge.

Ronan MacLachlainn is an Irishman of great strength and determination, despite being tortured, maimed and dispossessed. He burns for vengeance and the restoration of his hereditary Irish lands. Yet he must come to terms with the irrevocable physical losses he has suffered.

Rhoni de Montbryce appears to be a spoiled, rich Anglo-Norman noblewoman; however, she gradually cloaks herself in the strength, honor, and integrity that is her birthright. But will she prove equal to the daunting challenges Ronan faces?

A fast-paced adventure filled with intrigue as a poignant romance blossoms between this unlikely pair. And there’s a touch of the paranormal. After all, it’s an Irish tale.

MAKNAB'S REVENGE Ingram Maknab plans to avenge past wrongs by ruining the reputation of Gray Buchan's daughter, Ruby. She unwittingly plays into his hands. But revenge is rarely sweet and Ingram hasn't counted on losing his heart.

Excerpt From VENGEANCE:

Ronan fingered the bandage covering his blighted eye, then lightly touched his nose. The pain had lessened, thanks to the tireless efforts of Rhonwen and her daughter. It was indeed a miracle the coracle had drifted to that particular beach.

He’d been allowed to get off his pallet for brief periods and hobble around with the aid of crutches. It was good to be up and about again, though the scars on his back hurt like the devil when he walked. He’d made it to the bench in the priory garden where he paused to regain his strength, enjoying the breeze on his face.

Conall had remained at his side at first, but Rhonwen had admonished him to go for long walks and fill his lungs with fresh air. He hoped the boy wouldn’t let their true identities slip in some way. Conall didn’t have a dishonest bone in his body, and it was contrary to his nature to lie. It was fortunate he didn’t speak Welsh.

Ronan was relieved the Norman woman hadn’t come to the infirmary. He’d learned from Conall she was the daughter of an Anglo-Norman earl. The MacFintains were known to have Norman confederates in England who supplied them with mercenaries. Ronan must not get entangled with her. He had a dead wife and child to avenge, his lands to regain. Yet his gaze wandered often to the doorway, willing her to appear.

She came to him in his otherwise tortured dreams, her full breasts, warm touch and beautiful face the only happy vision that got him through the nights.

They were foolish dreams. A woman such as Rhoni de Montbryce wouldn’t want a scarred and disfigured man, even if it were possible to woo her. She was a young Norman noblewoman from a wealthy family who could have her pick of knights. A dispossessed Irish exile bent on revenge would have no chance.

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Author Biography:

As an amateur genealogist (aka an addict of family tree research) I became obsessed with tracing my English roots back to the Norman Conquest in the 11th century.

This turned out to be a pipe dream since I am not descended from the nobility and records were not kept for "common folks" until much later. Even then, early parish records are often indecipherable.

As a result, I began to write stories about a noble medieval family I conjured from my imagination. The Montbryces were born.

Like many people, I had an inner compulsion to write one good book. What was originally intended as that one book about my fictional family eventually became the 12-book series, The Montbryce Legacy.

In other words, writing superseded genealogy as my principal addiction, and I have since published more than 60 novels and novellas. Almost all are historical romances that feature, Vikings, Highlanders, medieval knights or Regency earls. You can find more details on my website

I've lived most of my life in Canada, though I was born in the UK. An English grammar school education instilled in me a love of European history which continues to this day. While I may boast of being a proud Canadian, I'm still a Lancashire lass at heart.

Before becoming a full-time writer, I was an elementary school teacher, a job I loved. I then worked as administrator for a world-wide disaster relief organization.

I love cats, although I haven't been able to bring myself to adopt another one since unexpectedly losing Topaz a few years ago. I have few domestic skills. You'll notice most of my heroines hate sewing!

I try to follow three simple writing guidelines. I give my characters free rein to tell their story, which often turns out to be different from the original version in my head. I'm a firm believer in love at first sight. My protagonists may initially deny the attraction but, eventually, my heroes and heroines find their soul mates. It seems only natural then to include scenes of intimacy enjoyed by people who love each other deeply. I believe such intimacy is wholesome. Historical accuracy is important to me, although I have been known to tweak history when necessary. I write romance because I find happy endings very satisfying.

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Unknown member
Apr 11, 2022

Love the cover!


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
Apr 10, 2022

What a striking cover! Best wishes to Anna!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 10, 2022

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your book in our April 99c Sale Bookish Event!

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