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Rewrite the Stars by Bestseller @JeanJoachim is a Stress Busting Festival pick #romance #giveaway

Title: Rewrite the Stars

Author: Jean C. Joachim

Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Book Blurb:

After sixteen years setting records at the box office, winning Tony Awards, and rising like the brightest star in the sky, stardom no longer appeals to Cassandra Wells. At 32, she wants to trade in her greasepaint for a new life. The first step is escaping the people controlling her. Would old friendships rekindled, and secrets revealed allow Cassie to rewrite the stars?


“Well?” She tipped her chin up, her gaze darted to the window and back. She drummed her fingers on the table.

“It’s about Gram’s general store.”

“What?” Her eyes widened.

“Gram’s general store.” Once the words were out, he realized how feeble they sounded. After her grandmother had died, the town had notified Cassie—or said they did. She never responded, so the store was put up for auction. Flint had bought it for a pittance, which was good because it wasn’t even worth what he’d paid.

Suddenly, he realized it wasn’t that Cassie had been too busy with her career to get in touch with the town of Pine Grove about the store. She hadn’t given a flying fuck. Humiliation washed over him. What was he doing here?

Convinced she had an emotional connection to the old shop, he’d gone out of his way to keep the place decent enough to remain standing, holding on to it until she got around to returning to claim her property.

One look at her face, and it became apparent she simply didn’t care and had no idea what he was talking about. The desire to escape overwhelmed him. He pushed to his feet.

“This was a mistake. I’m sorry. Sorry to waste your time.”

She tugged on his sleeve. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“Home.” He leaned over and kissed the top of her head. “Take care. Good luck. Again, sorry to bother you.”

“Sit down!” Fire flashed in her eyes.

He stopped.

“Sit down! Damn it! You’re not leaving until you tell me what you came here to say.”

“This was a mistake.”

“I ditched my mother, my brother, and my fiancé to be with you. You’re not brushing me off. Don’t be an asshole. Sit down.”

When the waiter returned, Cassie faced him. “I’ll have a vodka tonic and a cheeseburger.”

Flint took his seat. “Same.”

“Thanks,” the man said, collecting the menus.

“Now. Where were we? Gram’s store? What about Gram’s store?”

The waiter delivered their drinks. Cassie took a big sip.

Flint took a deep breath. Truth time. Total truth.

“When the town didn’t hear from you, they put the place up for auction. I bought it for pennies on the dollar.”

“So you want me to reimburse you? How much?” She rummaged in her handbag. Flint’s hand stopped hers.

“No.” If she had shot an arrow directly into his heart, it wouldn’t hurt as much as her words. Fuck. This wasn’t about money. Not by a long shot.

“Then what do you want? The suspense is killing me.”

He reached into the breast pocket of his suit jacket and slapped a photo on the table. Anger bubbled up in his chest, tightening his muscles. “I want to know if you want the place. If you do, it needs work. Serious work. I’ll help you get it in shape. If you don’t want it, I’ll let the town demolish it, like they want to. We have to either fix it or let it go.”

“Demolish? Like destroy?”

He nodded.

“Oh no. No. I don’t think so.”

“This is your last chance. Words aren’t enough.”

“Money?” She raised her gaze to lock with his.

“Among other things.”

“How much?”

“I have no idea.”

“So you come here to present…nothing? You don’t have the facts. Come back when you do.” She pushed to her feet. The waiter appeared, putting her plate down. “Can you bag it to go?”

“Sure.” He leaned over to pick up the plate.

“She’s only kidding. Aren’t you, dear?” Flint shot her a steely stare. “She’ll eat it here.” He grabbed her forearm in a firm grip. “Sit down, sweetheart.” The last word dripped sarcasm.

While Flint took a big bite of his burger, Cassie picked up the photo. She held it close to the candle to see. Her stomach clenched at the sight of the boarded up old store. A stinging at the backs of her eyes warned her of tears. Nope. Not gonna cry.

“What happened?” She studied the picture.

“Time happened. It’s been ten years since Gram passed and sixteen since you were last there.”

“I know.”

“Buildings deteriorate if no one lives in ‘em.”

“I guess.” The shabbiness of the structure, visible in the dim light, shocked her. She hadn’t thought about the place in years. Brian, her brother, had told her to forget about it. But he hadn’t been the one to spend every summer there with her biological grandmother, working in the store, or swimming in Cedar Lake with her Pine Grove friends.

Brian was Caroline and Parker Wells’ biological child. By the time they got around to wanting a second one, five years later, they were set on a girl. So they adopted Cassandra. Her mother had died in childbirth, and she never knew who her father was. Cassie’s biological grandmother, Frances Meacham, had begged for visitation rights. Caroline and Parker agreed to send her to Pine Grove every summer to live with Frances.

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Why is your featured book a stress busting read?

It takes you away to a small town and thrusts you into the lives of two very real people, with all their strengths and weaknesses.


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Jean Joachim is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling romance author whose books have hit the Amazon Top 100 list in the U.S. and abroad since 2012. She writes sports romance, small town romance, big city romance, and romantic suspense.

Jean has over 50 books in ebook, print and audio. She writes fulltime, never far from her secret stash of black licorice. An avid bird and dog fan, she has a fondness for chickadees and pugs. A music lover, especially classical, she’s married, has two grown sons and lives in New York City. She’d love to hear from you, email her at:

Find her books on her website:

Social Media Links:


Barbara Bettis
May 21, 2020

A serial proposer? He sounds like a hero that's just bound to proposed to the right wrong girl :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your book, Jean.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 21, 2020

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your book in our Stress Busting Book Festival. It sounds like another winner and a must-read!

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