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Rock and Roll Murders by @PARAPHILCHUTE #mystery #bookboost #bookish

Title: Rock and Roll Murders: An Entrepreneur Finds that Murder is No Business Solution

Author: Phillip B. Chute

Genre: Mystery, based on a true story

Book Blurb:

His jealousy and greed became a deadly murder for hire. Based on a true untold story. This story is set in the Inland Empire region of Southern California in the 1970s-1990s. Raymond McDade was dealing with the devil when he bought the radio station that made him wealthy. Now, with a young, beautiful wife, his next obsession was to keep her and the successful business for the rest of his life. He was proved wrong. What ensued was a circus of events consisting of murders, extortion, and chaos that led to a million dollar courtroom trial where he maintains, up to this day, his innocence. Will you hate the man or sympathize with him?


Early the next morning, Alice went out to look over their tiny balcony. The cool morning air revitalized her. Memories of the aborted trip to Washington haunted her. She had started a new life there, even setting up a joint bank account with the salesman. But there was a day of reckoning when one of his women showed up and the money was gone.

A brave mockingbird settled on the planter box near her, scratching for breakfast. It was peaceful without Rock and Roll music pounding away in the background. For one of the few times in her life, Alice was at peace with herself. The bird flew away to the fountain below. Free as a bird, Alice thought. Suddenly something sour welled up inside her as she realized that she was back where she had started with Ray and the business. She cried, gently at first then sobbed; realizing she was a prisoner in King Ray’s castle again. She knew Ray would kill to keep her in his dungeon. By returning, she was his property forever.

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Author Biography:

Phillip Bruce Chute, EA is a businessman-writer. He is currently a tax and financial advisor with a consulting practice in Temecula, California. Phil served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division in the States and Europe during the Cold War. His ancestry dates back to warrior-king Robert Bruce of Scotland and the Speaker of Parliament Chaloner Chute of England. As a writer, Phillip has won National and International awards from Kiwanis International. His first book, American Independent Business, was a 500-page book published in 1985 and used as a college textbook and reference for business entrepreneurs. A second book, Rock & Roll Murders, was published in 2006. It was based on a true story about the KOLA radio station-Fred Cote Murder-One trials and conviction in Riverside of 1990. He has also published articles for the Nova Scotia periodical, The Shore News, and has been interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine. Phillip Chute is married to Nenita Chute, an educator. Both work out of their home.

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