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Rock House Grill by @donnavstone is a Stress Busting Festival pick #romanticsuspense #giveaway

Title: Rock House Grill

Author: D. V. Stone

Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense

Book Blurb:

Aden House, a successful but driven chef and TV personality, refuses to slow down. His life implodes one night, damaging him both physically and emotionally. He’s rescued by a woman he thinks of as his angel.

Shay McDowell has rebuilt her life after her divorce. She juggles volunteer EMT duties and her job, while dreaming of becoming a chef. She finds her way to Rock House Grill and back into the life of the man she helped save.

Can love be the ingredient needed to survive the many obstacles they face?


“Easy, you’re going to be okay.” A soft voice eased through the chaos around him. The owner of the voice grabbed his arms and held them in a firm but gentle grip. “I’m right here with you. You are not alone.” “Can hardly m-move.” His voice slurred. “C-can’t see anything.” “You’ve been in an accident. I’m an EMT with the ambulance squad,” the velvety voice calmly explained. “You can’t see well because we’re under a tarp. Hold still, okay?” “‘K.” A small light flickered at the edge of his vision. It shone into a bag next to him. Penlight. “You’re restrained to a board. It’s to keep your head from moving and causing more injury.” She continued to talk to him. The voice reached down somewhere inside him, calming and peaceful, so he focused on it. A glow from spotlights on the outside lit whatever covered them. The shadow gave the woman the appearance of a halo—like an angel.

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What’s your favorite way to combat stress?

Several ways come to mind, but walking the dog tops my list. It clears out the cobwebs and helps me refocus on what’s important. My character Shay McDowell is a fan of 4-square breathing. In for four beats—hold for four beats—out for four beats—hold for four beats.

Why is your featured book a stress busting read?

Shay and Aden deal with some extremely stressful situations. But with the help of family and friends they find a way to, if not overcome, then to live with what has happened. Especially Aden who is learning how to walk again.


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Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Open internationally.

Runs May 1 – June 3.

Drawing will be held on June 4.

Author Biography:

D.V.’s career path varied from working with the disabled to become a volunteer EMT, which in turn led to working in hospital emergency rooms and then in a women’s state prison. After a few years, she took a break from medicine and became the owner of Heavenly Brew, a specialty coffee shop in Sparta NJ, and a small restaurant in Lafayette. Life handed some setbacks, and she ended up back in the medical field, but this time in a veterinary emergency hospital.

I have been laid-off from my regular job indefinitely due to COVID-19. Also, as an extremely high-risk person, I’ve been mostly isolated since March 18th. Stress is a real factor. If your reading this and feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Take the step to reach out to someone. Help is there for you. Call your local mental health hotline and ask for assistance.

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