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New Release | Rogues of the Crosslands: Azoria’s Blade by John Daze #yalit #fantasy #newrelease #ku

Title: Rogues of the Crosslands: Azoria’s Blade

Author: John Daze

Genre: Fantasy Fiction (YA/Adult)

Publisher: The CreativeKeep Inc.

Book Blurb:

Azoria Dash is an elven child whose village was ferociously raided by orcs. As the sole survivor, she takes the oath to hunt down the beasts that committed these atrocities. Soon, she discovers a more sinister hand is at play. Her innocence crushed, Azoria must quickly learn to survive in the hostile world outside her village, known as the Crosslands.

The journey begins when Azoria discovers the mythical Klarion Blade, and that her ancestral blood activates the blade's true potential. New friendships are forged, enemies abound, and danger lurks in the bowels of darkness. With the blade and an oath, Azoria vows to destroy the evil that plagues the Crosslands.


The reflection of the violent fire danced in her yellow eyes. The heat from the flames just about seared her skin. Little Azo­ria stood motionless, surrounded by the inferno. The sword’s blade in her right hand erupted in bright sparks of neon blue. Her mouth was open in a gasp, exposing her fear and confusion. Her eyes fixed on the giant green creatures slashing down everyone in sight. Friends, neighbors, elders; all were dead or dying by then. The horde had struck with such fury that the little elven girl couldn’t fathom the destruction encircling her. Run, Azoria told herself. To her right, freedom with her friends. To her left was a chance to find her father. The future of the Crosslands depends on her decision.

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Author Biography:

John is an avid tabletop gamer, comic collector, and fantasy fiction fan. Aside from his worldly travels, he's lived in Spain, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, South Korea, and the United States. His writing influences include Stephen King, David William Ross, R. A. Salvatore, and Louis L'Amour. John earned two master's degrees and is a Ph.D. candidate. When he's not creating literary adventures, he's enjoying real-life ones with his family.

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