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5 stars for Saving Aran: Redemption for a Ravaged Planet by @gskenneyauthor #scifiromance #scifi

Title: Saving Aran: Redemption for a Ravaged Planet (Sons of Aran Book 1)

Author: G. S. Kenney

Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Colonization Science Fiction

Book Blurb:

The deep forests of planet Aran and all who live within them are under threat of extinction, ravaged by the aliens from the stars.

Avatar meets Shadow and Bone in this fantastic tale of lovers torn asunder amid a planet’s growing danger.

Aran native Cort has risen to head the premier gang in the rough slums that surround the aliens’ military base on his beloved planet. But his life is shattered when a powerful slumlord abducts his dearest friend Dilia to sell to the alien commandant. When Cort’s daring rescue attempt fails, the slumlord marks him for death. Cort’s only remaining hope is to flee to the one place the man and his minions can’t follow—the wilds of Aran’s strange, forbidding forest—and become the hunter, not the hunted.

On her own in the heavily fortified base, gentle healer Dilia fends off the commandant’s advances while working on ways to escape and rejoin her love.

Deep in the forests of Aran, Cort faces his own challenge: to confront his kinship with the ancient consciousness that lies deep in Aran’s heart, and to terminate the monstrous mission of the aliens, who are rapidly plundering the forest for profit. If they complete its destruction, they will imperil every living thing on Aran.

Read Saving Aran to learn Aran’s innermost secret and see how Cort and Dilia overcome the forces that seek to destroy them and the home planet they love.

My Review:

Some have their fave emoticons but here you almost feel like you have your fave avatar. An incredible amount of world-building sets the stage for a story that will grip the reader and not let go. The story of Cort and Dilia is riveting and carries the book.

There are many aspects that make this book incredible. It is a powerful coming-of-age tale. This book is brilliantly presented as an environmental thriller. The mystic aspects are captivating and keep the story exciting. The action scenes are edge-of-the-seat exciting. There is drama, there is danger, there are tears and there is joy. This book simply has it all.

Fans of the world of people of a blue hue will love this book. Readers who feel a love for the planet will love this book. A great book that will make readers want more.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Author G. S. Kenney writes romantic speculative fiction novels. Her first science-fiction romance novel Freeing Eden, published by Soul Mate Publishing, was a 2018 RWA Golden Heart® finalist. The Last Lord of Eden and A Warrior of Eden, also in the Ascent of Eden series, are now also available.

G. S. Kenney started reading early, and never stopped. In kindergarten, drawn in by a book with a picture of three witches at a cauldron, she learned to read by starting with Shakespeare's Macbeth and is in awe of her mother's patience. Now she writes stories of her own (and still loves Shakespeare). Interested in many fields, she studied the “Great Books” at St. John’s College, architecture at Harvard, and financial planning at Boston University. She has also conducted post-doctoral research in psychology at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, and developed software systems in use all over the world.

In addition to writing, G. S. Kenney is an avid photographer and world traveler, along with her husband, the love of her life. When not "on the road," they reside in Marin County, California, where a dream of having a lemon tree of their very own has somehow morphed into an entire citrus orchard. They have two children, a grand-dog, and two grand-cats. And a wonderful, tiny grandson, their newborn first.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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