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Screamcatcher: Sa’be Most Monstrous by @triceretops is a BHW pick #yalit #yafantasy #thriller

Title: Screamcatcher: Sa’be Most Monstrous Author: Christy J. Breedlove (real name Chris H. Stevenson) Genre: YA fantasy/thriller Publisher: Melange Books, Fire & Ice Book Blurb:

Jory Pike and the Badlands Paranormal Society get a strange and frantic call from a woman who claims her property has been invaded by unknown trespassers who have terrorized her and her husband and killed their two dogs. She says her husband has gone hunting for the culprits and disappeared. The Sherriff’s office performed a routine investigation and mysteriously quit. The woman also called a first nations tribe tracker to help her, but after a short investigation, he claimed she had something more dangerous than a bear and wanted nothing to do with it. Jory’s 91-year-old grandfather, a full blood Ojibwe, believes he knows what this mystery is all about and demands to go on tthe hunt. Four teenagers and a seemingly fragile old man find out, too late, in the deep Shasta forest, that they are the ones being hhhhunted. Excerpt: Albert raised his voice. “The man was ambushed on the trail by the alpha male. The hunter made a run for it but was captured and knocked to the ground, maybe unconscious. Sa’be disfigured the weapon and then began to drag the man back toward the trail. I saw the heels skids. Then the skids suddenly vanished. An indication the man was picked up.”

“That’s a hell of a way to die,” said Lander icily.

“There was the lack of a desperate fight,” said Albert. “There was no blood, no torn pieces of clothing. I would not say he was dead. He would have been mangled, torn to pieces, and left behind. He was taken out in whole body.”

“How long ago do you think this happened?” asked Jory.

“As fresh as a week, I would say.”

“Then that was as far as he got,” Choice said. Buy Links: Amazon US

Amazon CA

Amazon UK ABOUT THE AUTHOR I’m Chris Stevenson, using the pen name Christy J. Breedlove for my YA fiction. I hail from Sylvania, Alabama. My early writing accomplishment were multiple hits within a few years: In my first year of writing back in 1987, I wrote three SF short stories that were accepted by major slick magazines which qualified me for the Science Fiction Writers of America, and at the same time achieved a Finalist award in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. This recognition garnered me a top gun SF agent at the time, Richard Curtis Associates. My first novel went to John Badham (Director) and the Producers, the Cohen Brothers. It was an extreme honor to be considered. The writer who beat me out of contention for a feature movie (as well as the book), was Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. My book was called Dinothon.

A year after that I published two best-selling non-fiction books and landed on radio, TV, in every library in the U.S. and in hundreds of newspapers. B. Dalton and Walden Books carried my titles in all of their commercial outlets.

I have been trying to maintain that lightning in a bottle ever since. My YA dystopian novel, The Girl They Sold to the Moon won the grand prize in a publisher's YA novel writing contest, went to a small auction and got tagged for a film option. My latest release, Screamcatcher: Web World, just currently won Best YA title of 2019 in the N. N. Light Novel Competition. I received a 5-Star and badge in the Readers’ Favorite Review Competition and took the bronze medal for YA horror in the Reader’s Favorite International Awards Contest for 2020. I have 20 titles appearing on Amazon, the vast majority of them in the adult category. Social Media Links Facebook:



Amazon Page: Christy's Website: Blog:

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