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See Me in my Dreams by C.J. Mutch is a Black Friday Deals pick #mystery #thriller #smallbizsat #book

Title: See Me in my Dreams

Author: C.J. Mutch

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Book Blurb:

Frustrated by the fact that since the accident that garnered her an orphan she had been plagued by visions that left the doctors and psychiatrist scratching their heads. While she had been told to ignore them, with time before she intended to head back to law school she had another idea. Rachel decided to let those visions lead her to what would assuredly give her the answers she needed to heal and possibly get on with her life. From the time she landed in the quaint little town of Gainsborough, a town she had never been to but had visited often, things had gotten out of control. The visions were now turning into a nightmarish late night walk abouts putting her into dangerous situations. It was clear by the way people looked at Rachel that almost everyone in town was upset by the young girl's arrival but what they feared most assuredly was what they wanted hidden might be exposed. The same could not be said for Emily, the owner of the B&B, who wanted nothing more than to bring the towns sordid past out into the open but at the same time wanting to protect the young girl that she felt an immediate bond with. Ben, the town's young attorney’s chance meeting with Rachel had opened the old wounds of a mystery never solved but also brought hope to the possibility of laying his own ghosts to rest and finding new love. One by one the secrets would be revealed making it impossible to keep what was buried from surfacing. Page by page revealing that the only thing that is certain is that nothing is as it appears.


She laid there for a while looking around the room wondering just what she was even doing here. Her girl-friends had at first told her to just ignore the dreams, but to her, they were more like visions, and they seemed to be sending her some kind of message. She at times felt so frustrated when she tried to share what had been happening, people would just look at her saying that she had changed so much since the accident and would try to end the conversation saying.

“Look you've been through a lot.” Everyone always went back to the accident, but Rachel was sure it really had nothing to do with that. And it seemed to her that things were getting more and more intense. What started out in her sleep had crossed over to daytime and had brought with it a sharp pain in the side of her head that none of the doctors could explain. In the dream state, she was always trying to run away from someone or was trying to hide to stay safe. Trauma they would tell her, however, the only thing that had any relationship to the accident was that the episodes had begun shortly after. In the daytime she would feel the pain start and then have a sort of vision but not always something clear and definitely always mysterious. The entire ordeal would always end the same, with Rachel strung out by a panic attack. Over the last two months she was getting a very clear vision of the sign for the town she was now staying in, but she had always maintained she had no idea why. When the medical professionals were left scratching their heads, she reached out to a psychic, who told Rachel to follow her path and see where it led. She told her friends she was going to check it out and they told her she was crazy. But in the same sense she felt they were pulling away from her, and she was sure they had a lot to say behind her back. One of her closest friends tried to say that it was probably that they were all just uncomfortable with her loss and didn’t know quite what to say, but it was clear to Rachel that it was more than that. “It's not responsible to just start chasing ghosts!” they had said.

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What makes your featured book a must read?

The twists and turns in this story will keep a reader guessing. The entirety of the book will be a revelation to every reader. Well written and paced, the book moves along smoothly. A creative story that brings to mind many of the best mystery stories of before. Recommended to all who enjoy a mystery. Recommended to those who enjoy stories about small towns with secrets.

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Author Biography:

The mother of 4, grandmother of 8, a home business professional left without much to do during the pandemic. I decided to sit down and write. I was inspired to continue each day as a distraction never imagining that it would lead me down this road. With no formal training, I'm learning as I go and plan to continue letting my imagination lead me to the next and the next, showing me you are never to old to start a new journey.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 27, 2021

Thank you, C.J., for sharing your book in our Black Friday Deals!

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