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See Me in My Dreams by C.J. Mutch is a Mystery and Suspense Event pick #mystery #thriller #giveaway

Title: See Me in My Dreams

Author: C.J. Mutch

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Book Blurb:

Page by page will reveal that the only thing that is certain is that nothing is as it appears.


“Look, you've been through a lot.” Everyone always went back to the accident, but Rachel was sure it really had nothing to do with that. And it seemed to her that things were getting more and more intense. What started out in her sleep had crossed over to daytime and had brought with it a sharp pain in the side of her head that none of the doctors could explain. In the dream state she was always trying to run away from someone or was trying to hide to stay safe. Trauma they would tell her, however, the only thing that had any relationship to the accident was that the episodes had begun shortly after. In the daytime she would feel the pain start and then have a sort of vision but not always something clear and definitely always mysterious. The entire ordeal would always end the same, with Rachel strung out by a panic attack. Over the last two months she was getting a very clear vision of the sign for the town she was now staying in, but she had always maintained she had no idea why. When the medical professionals were left scratching their heads, she reached out to a psychic, who told Rachel to follow her path and see where it led. She told her friends she was going to check it out and they told her she was crazy. But in the same sense she felt they were pulling away from her, and she was sure they had a lot to say behind her back. One of her closest friends tried to say that it was probably that they were all just uncomfortable with her loss and didn’t know quite what to say, but it was clear to Rachel that it was more than that.

“It's not responsible to just start chasing ghosts!” they had said.

“Why not?” she had argued. She had nothing going on right now and the fact that she needed to heal mentally before starting back to school gave her time to possibly put a stop to whatever was going on.


“You look familiar to me,”the lady said, now studying Rachel's face more closely.

“I'm not from here” she responded as her body started to shake. Rachel tried hard to retain her composure as the lady slowly wrapped the small frame. It was obvious to her that the shop owner was taking a good long suspicious look at her as she cloaked the tissue paper around Rachel’s purchase. She paid for the frame and with shaky hands grabbed the bag dragging it across the glass countertop toward her. A small piece of the locket's chain caught on the corner of the bag, sending it to the dusty old floor. Rachel, wanting nothing more than to leave the shop, bent down to retrieve the fallen jewelry. Picking it up off the floor she felt something move in her hand. All at once the locket opened up and what Rachel saw almost made her faint.


She heard a sound sending her eyes looking toward the end of her bed at the rocking chair sitting beside the fireplace. She gasped, when much to her horror through the darkness she could see a small child rocking back and forth. The child looked back at her and immediately began humming a sad tune to the beat of her motion. Rachel rose from her bed, approaching the chair, the child was now no longer looking at her but still facing forward, and from the muted light it was apparent had tears falling down the side of her face. Rachel felt fear sweep through her causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. Then all at once the child began laughing and turned quickly looking directly at Rachel once again.


The living room off to the right of her was eerily quiet, and she could only see shadows that were cast into the room by the streetlights just outside the front window. Searching for the disturbance she decided to grab her coat and investigate further out the front door. The sound of the cries were definitely louder and somehow more intense as the cool night air hit her face. Rachel followed the weeping making her way from the front porch onto the walkway and then the sidewalk. Her hair blew wildly in the wind as she wrapped her coat tightly around her waist as if somehow protecting herself from what lay ahead.


While her mind was reeling as to how to exit without being seen, she also wondered just who was down in this dungeon with her. Again the door above her opened, this time she could hear a small click coming from another part of the basement and then the sound of a cord being pulled giving life to a dull light to the stairway under which Rachel was hiding. She looked around at the dingy basement that reeked of mildew and dirt and seemed home for numerous spiders. Slowly but surely one-step came after another as she watched the back of the man's shoes descending down.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

I believe the fact that every chapter is a cliff hanger and will keep the reading guessing and wondering. Also in a literary world where so much has been done and redone, this is a refreshing twist.

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Open Internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US account to win.

Runs August 10 – August 17, 2021.

Winner will be drawn on August 23, 2021.

Author Biography:

C.J. Mutch is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 8. While my day job has been MicrodermAbrasion and Microneedling, The pandemic taking that away, gave me the spare time, time I needed to fill. I have always loved writing poetry and quotes but this has been an entirely new and fun experience. I already have other books in the works and am really looking forward to where the literary world will take me.

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Unknown member
Aug 12, 2021

I have purchased and read this book and I was blown away


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Aug 11, 2021

Thank you, C.J., for sharing your book in our Mystery and Suspense Bookish Event!

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