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Join Elle – share the trek that will shape future generations to come... @9YAVli0iT6ZZLTC #scifi

Title: SHADOWFALL (Vol Two of the Amalie Noether Chronicles)

Author: Jana Williams

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Jana Williams

Shadowfall Teasers: Written by Jana Williams / Animation by Milan Kumar Boro

Book Blurb:

Elle dreams of setting out on a great trek to explore their new planet – and is utterly prepared to start the trek on her own if no one else sees the merit in such a journey.

But to her surprise Ashok and Achebe agree to come with her – along with many new colonists who had made landfall after the initial wave of landings. Jin-Hai, Jack and Micah all choose to stay behind to begin building a community at First Landing. And Herschel Station quickly becomes a community center in its own right. Life is finding its compass after the chaos that happened aboard the Vera Rubin in transit..

Questions still remain unanswered from their journey to the new planet. Elle worries that the saboteur they thought was aboard the Vera Rubin, might now be living amongst them? Is he, or she, on the trek she will lead? If so, what might that mean for the journey they undertake. So many questions remain unanswered.

Elle fully expects Amalie Noether will offer up more questions, than answers as they start their great walk through the wilderness. Elle knows the events they will experience in the vast barrens of Amalie Noether will shape the Trekkers as a people and as a culture. She both fears and welcomes the challenges ahead of them.

Join Elle – share the trek that will shape the many future generations to come on Amalie Noether. A trek from which legends will rise. Start the adventure !

Book Trailer:

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Author Biography:

Author Jana Williams grew up watching the stars from the backseat of the family car during numerous driving trips initiated by her father. The seemingly endless excursions across the continent encouraged all of them to take turns telling stories to entertain each other. Jana never lost the knack and has written novels, screenplays and even a stage play for a friend who needed a theatre piece to perform. In support of her writing she has been a high-speed motion picture photographer, a literary sales agent for small publishers, a mother and sole proprietor of her own business.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 05, 2020

Thank you, Jana, for sharing your book trailer with us. It's so beautiful!

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