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Sister-in-Law by M. R. Morgan @MarkReutlinger is a Beach Reads pick #romanticsuspense #giveaway

Title: Sister-in-Law: Violation, Seduction, and the President of the United States

Author: M. R. Morgan

Genre: Political Thriller/Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Sex and politics make a volatile combination in Sister-in-Law, a fast-paced romantic suspense novel that seems to echo today’s headlines. The ingenious plot is unique, yet it draws on mankind’s oldest storyline. A man’s sex drive is his terrible weakness. Or so Suzanne Dahlstrom learned the hard way. Sexually abused by men while growing up, Suzanne decides at an early age she will exact her revenge by exploiting that very weakness. She becomes a highly successful call girl, commanding thousands of dollars for services that were once taken from her by force. Then one of Suzanne’s clients offers her a princely sum to seduce and marry the president’s younger brother. As the president’s sister-in-law, she’ll be in a perfect position to seduce the president himself, and when he is caught in bed with his own brother’s wife, he will be politically ruined. Suzanne accepts the challenge, and the bizarre plan begins well, until it suddenly goes terribly wrong, putting both Suzanne and the country in imminent peril.


A few weeks after he accepted the assignment from Smith, Lloyd was back in New York and made his usual reservation with Suzanne, an extended one with an extra half hour. The evening went about as usual—Lloyd had asked for black underwear and net stockings this time—except Suzanne detected that there was something on Lloyd’s mind besides spanking and intercourse, two things that generally seemed to occupy him fully, as it would most men. Suzanne assumed he had become agitated by some political issue or other, and she no doubt would soon be hearing all about it.

Sure enough, when the sex play was over and Suzanne and Lloyd were getting dressed, Lloyd said casually he had something important to talk to her about. This wasn’t unusual—Suzanne had come to expect some kind of post-intercourse conversation from Lloyd—except that Lloyd didn’t usually specifically ask, he just began his usually-political lectures without ceremony. So she finished dressing and sat down to listen.

What Suzanne heard, while it had definite political aspects, was far from what she had expected to hear. First Lloyd swore her to secrecy, telling her that both she and he would be “in big trouble” if either of them told the wrong people what he was about to tell her. At that point, Suzanne wasn’t at all sure she wanted to hear whatever it was Lloyd had to say, but after a bit of cajoling by Lloyd, who insisted it was definitely in her interest to listen, her curiosity got the better of her doubts.

Lloyd explained how he had been recruited to find the Lloyd explained how he had been recruited to find the right person—the right woman, to be exact—to seduce and marry the younger brother of the probable next President of the United States. He further told her what that woman would be expected to do once she had become part of the White House family: seduce the president himself!

Suzanne guessed, at that point, that Lloyd was not telling her this just as an interesting story, but because she was the woman he had chosen to carry out this bizarre plan. She was about to tell him in no uncertain terms that she had “no intention in the world” of doing any such thing, and “if he thought for a second—”

But then Lloyd mentioned the one million dollars.

Suzanne assumed she had misunderstood. “Did you say one million dollars?”

“I did. I couldn’t believe it myself when they told me, but that’s what they said. You sleep with the president, you get a million bucks.

”Suzanne was silent for a long time before asking, “What makes you—them—think I could get this guy to marry me, much less get into bed with the president?”

Lloyd scratched his head. “Let me put it this way. I’m not too sure you could do it either, but I am sure of one thing. If anyone can do it, you can. You are the prettiest, sexiest little thing I have ever come across, and you really know the ropes. Yes, ma’am, if anyone can, you can.”

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

Sister-in-Law is a fast-paced romantic thriller that will keep a reader turning pages through more than one afternoon or evening on the beach or back porch. The plot combines sex and politics in the story of Suzanne, an accomplished call girl sexually violated as a child and seeking her revenge as the central figure of a unique plot against the President of the United States. In these times of political unrest and polarization, Sister-in-Law provides a very different look behind the doors of the White House.

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Author Biography:

M. R. Morgan is the pen name of Mark Reutlinger, Professor of Law Emeritus at Seattle University, writes both cozy mysteries and political thrillers (under his own name and as M. R. Morgan). He and his wife, Analee, live in University Place, Washington.

Social Media Links:

Twitter @markreutlinger

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
20 juil. 2020

Thank you, M. R., for sharing your book in our Beach Reads Bookish Event. It sure sounds like a great read! Perfect for this political climate, too.

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