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5 stars for Someone Like You, The I’ll Never Say “I Do” Club series, Book One by Morgan Malone #laterinlife #romance #mustread #bookreview

Title: Someone Like You, The I’ll Never Say “I Do” Club series, Book One

Author: Morgan Malone

Genre: Later-in-Life Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


“I dare you, I double, triple dare you, to go online for six months and really look at the guys who are out there just waiting to fall in love with the awesome women you are! I bet you that you will all be head over heels and be engaged by the end of the year!”


Seri, Jessica, Emily and Olivia made a vow in college never to marry: men couldn’t be trusted, men would break your heart, men lied and cheated, men would hold you back. So the four members formed The “I’ll Never Say I Do” Club and pursued advanced degrees, dedicated themselves to their careers and now they’re the best in their fields. Rich, successful and alone. Then their leader, Seri, meets and falls in love with a man she met online. At her Maine wedding, she issues a challenge to her three bridesmaids: Three months to meet a man they want to marry. The consolation prize if they fail: a New Year’s trip to Hawaii. What have they got to lose?


Love ‘em and leave ‘em had always been Jess’s motto. No way was anyone going to get inside her heart and hurt her. Again. Dr. Jessica Mizrahi, clinical psychologist, had the perfect life… what did she need a man for, except a quick fling, all sizzle and seduction, until she walked away. On the night of Seri’s wedding, Jess falls into a hot and heavy quickie with a tall, dark, handsome chef. She heads home the next day, but he’s in her head. Then, he’s in her hometown, opening the hot new restaurant right next door. She can’t seem to avoid him. And she doesn’t want to, drawn to the warmth in his flashing eyes, the humor lurking behind his cocky smirks and the memories of their brief but blistering time together. He’s more than he seemed and is becoming more than she can handle.


Stavros Kolias is the hottest chef in Manhattan. For ten years, he’s clawed his way up to the top, earning Michelin stars for his restaurant, Stavropol. But, even Michelin can’t fill the need that’s been building inside him. Chasing his dream of intimate bistros in resort towns along the East Coast brings him to Maine in early summer. A spitfire dressed as a bridesmaid seduces him. Then she’s gone. Imagine his surprise when she literally knocks him down right in front of Yaya’s, his new restaurant in Saratoga Springs. How is he going to get her out of his mind when she lives right next door? He’s vowed never to let a woman into his heart again, but he can’t stop thinking of her. He’ll keep it loose and lusty, no strings. Then he’ll move on. But, can he?


Jess has vowed never to love any man and Steve refuses to trust any woman. But, the sparks that were ignited in Maine, are burning hot and bright in Saratoga and they can’t resist the heat. As they are pulled closer and closer together, hope begins to burn. Doubts and fears from their pasts may be too much for them to overcome. Instead of walking away, will one of them be able to take the first step toward happy ever after?


My Review:


A psychologist and a celebrity chef have a scorching one-night stand, never thinking they’d see each other again. Can Jessica and Steve overcome past heartbreak to forge long-lasting love? Someone Like You is book one in this series and it is so enjoyable to read. The trope is a popular one amongst readers, including me. The romance is hot and heavy with a fair share of drama. The characters are completely addictive as is the dialogue. I couldn’t put it down and neither will you.


Let’s start with the characters. Jessica is a rich, successful psychologist who is about to turn forty. She doesn’t ‘need’ a man to make her happy. But for all her bravado, she doesn’t want a broken heart, again. Everything changes when she meets Steve at her bestie’s wedding. He’s a hot chef and has an ego to match. But like Jessica, he’s successful and hides a broken heart. These characters are so realistic, they fly off the page. I connected with both in different ways. Jessica and Steve are reason enough to read Someone Like You.


The witty dialogue is another reason to read this romance. I love fast, funny dialogue and Morgan Malone is masterful when it comes to romantic tension through dialogue. It had me whipping through the pages just to see what happens next.


If you’re a romance reader, pick up this book and enjoy.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


My pen-name is Morgan Malone. A twist on the old “What is my stripper name? A combination of the name of your first pet and the street you grew up created Morgan Malone, an erudite yet brazen hussy, who left her career as an administrative law judge and counsel to pursue her first great love: writing.


I am a best-selling, award-winning published author of a variety of romance novels: some steaming hot, some sexy, some sweet, mostly contemporary but a Pirate trilogy is in the works. I also write romantic memoir. My mainstream essays have been broadcast on NPR’s 51%, a nationally broadcast show directed at women. I frequently give workshops at author-reader conferences about writing “later-in-life” love stories featuring heroes and heroines, who are falling in love for the last, or maybe the first, time in their lives. Because, if you’re over 25 (and I am), maybe your book boyfriend should be too!


I live in Saratoga County, NY with my rescue diva dog, Princess. My daughter is a clinical psychologist practicing in Westchester County and my son (the real estate magnate), daughter-in-law (award-winning registered nurse) and two grandsons, live nearby. I travel, paint watercolors, play Mah Jongg, officiate at weddings, and arbitrate employment contract disputes in between writing romance and memoir.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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