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New Release | Song to the Siren by Barb Lien-Cooper and @parkcooper #supernatural #bookboost #spooky

Title: Song to the Siren

Authors: Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper

Genre: Supernatural

Publisher: Wicker Man Studios

Book Blurb:

When two young documentary filmmakers start investigating the enigmatic death of the infamous Reed Sinclair, founder of the never-quite-made-it indie rock group The Big Carnival, by interviewing Reed's former girlfriend, photographer Samantha ("Sam") MacNamara, she tells them the story of a seeming love triangle between herself, Reed, and a frightening entity that may have simply been how Reed's troubled mental state interpreted multiple tragedies and coincidences in his life... or she may have been a supernatural being...

Watch the book trailer:

Advanced Reviews:

It is engaging, entertaining, and it tickles a certain spot. It’s well written, it takes chances and its authentic. You really could suspend disbelief and think this was a true transcript from a real magazine or documentary. ~ Kendall Reviews

This was such an engaging and mesmerizing read. The story does an incredible job of delving into a multitude of genres that keep the reader guessing, from paranormal and mythology-driven fantasy to dramatic mental health and romantic suspense novels. ~ Author Anthony Avina



If I reply to this email, thought Samantha, I’ll have to tell them what really happened. The whole thing. The slow way. Because if I just came out and tried to explain the truth to them all at once, they’d... She stared at the email that was waiting, on her computer screen, for her to reply to it...

Dear Ms. MacNamara... it began...

Samantha frowned. What would they do... if I really tried to explain what happened back then? What would anyone do? It’s why I’ve never told a single living soul...

She looked up above her monitor, at the wall of her home office, at the framed photograph of a handsome young man holding a guitar. His long blond hair was flying around as he played. He was smiling at the camera, at the person taking his picture... In the background was the rest of the band, with the drum set that bore the stylized logo of the Big Carnival. “Am I really sure I want to be interviewed, Reed?” Sam asked the young man in the photo. “Music press people, diehard fans, even people I trusted, I’ve never told anyone about... what happened. It’s amazing that after all of these years, people are still interested in you and the Big Carnival.”

She sat for a minute, as if listening for a reply that she knew would never and could never come... and then she sighed. “I’ll do it for you, Reed darling...”

Sam spent several minutes typing out a frenzied reply to the email. Then she went back and re-read the most provocative part of what she had written: I loved Reed Sinclair, but he was taken from me by another woman. It wasn’t someone made of flesh and blood—I could have handled that—but a woman made out of spirit... and hatred. She was someone who hungered for more than Reed’s blood. Belle hungered for Reed’s sanity. She took his mind, and then she took his life. The news reports back in the day said that Reed’s death was a suicide. But I was there. I know everything. Reed Sinclair’s death was cold-blooded, premeditated murder.

Sam began to giggle. The giggle turned into the type of raw, painful laugh a person laughs to try to avoid crying.

It didn’t work, though. Sam couldn’t help but let her laughter turn to crying anyway, as she’d cried so many times over Reed...

She took a few tissues from a nearby box, and dried her eyes. Then she began to delete her reply. She watched with grim resignation as every word was destroyed by the backspace key. When she was finished, she looked at the blank box where her initial response had been.

Then she clicked on another window, and looked at the information she’d found when she looked up the two young men who’d sent her the email. Ryan Torres, and Brandon Hawkins... They seemed like nice enough Midwestern boys... Brandon was about four inches taller than Ryan, with light brown hair and blue eyes... Ryan was on the thin side, but he was sort of wiry, too, like the sort of young person who might’ve run track in high school... In the first picture she’d found of both of them from one of Ryan’s many social media profiles, they were posing together and making zombie faces in front of a revival-house showing of Night of the Living Dead. In the second picture, the thumbnail of which was right below the zombie one, they were holding up two different Big Carnival albums, each young man wearing a gleeful expression on his face...

She looked back up at the photo of Reed. “I can’t hit them over the head with the whole truth. I’ll have to just lead them on a little. A... a warm, charming... evasive reply, but not to the point where anyone would realize it...”

She nodded a tight, determined little nod, and resumed typing. Dear Ryan...

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Author Biography:

We love good stories.

Like you, we understand the joy of reading a well-crafted story-- but we also know the "ripped-off" feeling you get when you've spent money on a story that's cliched or otherwise doesn't meet your discriminating tastes in storytelling.

We know how offensive it is to read something that insults your intelligence, too. We believe that readers are smart-- and deserving of works that treat you as an intelligent person.

We write stories like we want to read: stories that are exciting and smart and character-driven.

We're like you-- we hate characters who are dumber than we are, doing things that anyone in the real world would know are stupid. We hate stories where you know from page one exactly how it'll end.

We'll try to give you plots that don't make you groan when you read the plot summaries.

We're crafting the kind of works that stay with you after you finish reading them.

We're crafting the kind of books that you'll want to read again when you're done.

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