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Sour Lemon Strikes Out by @JulaneFisher is a Middle-Grade and YA Event pick #mg #mglit #giveaway

Title: Sour Lemon Strikes Out (The Sour Lemon Series, Book 2)

Author: Julane Fisher

Genre: Middle grade

Book Blurb:

Lillie Mae Liles thinks middle school will be a breeze, until movie star look-alike, Casey Culver, moves to Triple Gap and steals Lillie’s best friend. Even Lillie’s brother has a crush on Casey bigger than the Mississippi River. Disgusted with all the attention Casey receives, Lillie teams up with the school bully to make Casey’s life miserable. But when Casey agrees to play baseball on the farm, Lillie discovers she and Casey have a lot in common, and Lillie finds herself with two best friends.

When Casey reveals a shocking secret, Lillie goes to the bully to stop the plot against Casey, but it’s too late. As hateful rumors spread, Lillie faces an impossible choice. Telling the truth may cost her two best friends, but staying silent could have far deadlier consequences.

From the award-winning author of Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea comes an unforgettable story of bullying, friendship, and taking responsibility.


Violet Holt thinks she’s the boss of Peachtree Junior High. Considering we’ve only been in seventh grade for two weeks, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why she thinks so highly of herself. She opens her nasty mouth to speak and girls flock to her like ticks to a dog.

“Everyone come over here and get your picture made with me.” Violet flips her blond curls over her shoulder and throws her nose toward the sky. “I’ll be your next class president.”

Della Grayson, Violet’s sidekick, is the first to lock arms with her. The rest of the girls squeal and run to her side. Some boy I don’t know from the yearbook committee with a camera bigger than his body stands awkwardly in front of Violet.

When I don’t move, Violet crinkles her nose like a bloodhound. “Do y’all smell that? That’s the smell of a farm girl who bathed in her pig pen all summer.”

My face turns as red as a cherry, and my fingers fold into fists. I’m going to punch that smirk right off her face. Before I can step forward, someone grabs me from behind.

“Lillie Mae. Let’s walk to class.” My twin sister, Ellie, loops her arm through mine and drags me away from Violet before I get in a good left hook.


“Let it go, Lil.” My brother, Jesse, pulls Ellie and me toward the hallway.

Before we escape the giggling girls, Della spots Jesse. “Hi, Jesse,” Della squeals. “Wanna be in our picture?” All the girls cackle.

Jesse groans. “Um, no thanks.”

Violet bats her eyelashes at Jesse. “I’m going to be class president. Scrub is taking my picture for the yearbook.” She points to the boy behind the camera. He mumbles something, but Violet ignores him.

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Two best friends. One impossible choice. Sour Lemon Strikes Out is an unforgettable story of bullying, friendship, and taking responsibility. Sour Lemon Strikes Out won Best Middle Grade Novel at the 2020 Selah Awards.

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $20 Amazon US or Amazon Canada gift card

Open Internationally. You must have an active Amazon US or CA account to win.

Runs September 6 – September 14, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on September 15, 2022.

Author Biography:

Julane Fisher is the author of the Sour Lemon Series, a humorous portrayal of life before cell phones and social media, emphasizing positive family values. Her debut novel, Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea was awarded Readers’ Favorite® 5-star Review and was a Selah Awards finalist. Sour Lemon Strikes Out won the 2020 Selah Award for Best Middle Grade novel. Julane is a frequent school speaker who has spoken to over thirteen-thousand students about writing and literacy through the powerful message of Never Give Up. She blogs at 2Wrds Encouragement Inspiration and Storyteller Squad. Julane lives in north Georgia with her husband, twin boys, and their two mischievous Labrador retrievers. Learn more at

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 10, 2022

Thank you, Julane, for sharing your book in our Middle-Grade and Young Adult Bookish Event!

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